Are you interested in learning more about fostering to save dog lives?

This is probably more relevant to people living in Orange County, California (but it’s very possible that there are non-profit rescue organizations who need fosters nationwide.If you’ve had interest in fostering/maybe love dog companionship, but can’t commit permanently to 20 years and would like all the support that comes with fostering, which may include training, food, veterinary/medical):

Little Red Dog Rescue are hosting a Foster Fair this Sunday, May 7th, from 11:00am-1:00pm, at our new facility in Anaheim, 4130 E. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92807.

As you may or may not know, times are very hard for the world of rescue right now. Not only do they have so many great dogs who are stuck in boarding, shelter dogs are also being euthanized at an alarming rate simply because the shelters are out of space. Riverside County shelters alone have euthanized 1,300 innocent, healthy animals in January-March of this year. We want to help these dogs, but we can't do it without you!

Little Red Dog Rescue, relies heavily on the kindness and generosity of their foster homes. They are always in need of new foster families to help save more dogs and provide the care they need to prepare them for their forever homes.

We understand that opening your home to a rescue dog is a new concept to many people, which is why Little Red Dog thought it would be fun to host their very first Foster Fair!

Everyone is welcome at this FREE event, where you will have the opportunity to meet their amazing rescue team, hear from some of their experienced foster parents, learn about the different types of dogs they rescue, and how you can become a foster parent. You'll also have the chance to meet some of their dogs who are looking for a foster home.

If you've ever considered fostering, but you're not sure how to take that next step, this is the time! If you're not able to foster a dog yourself, you can still help by spreading the word about the Foster Fair and educating your friends about the importance of fostering.

We’d love to see you there but if you can’t make it you can still support the rescue by purchasing the I Love You to the Moon and Back Lantern, now 50% just for YOU! You can also donate directly. Thank you for your continued support of our rescue efforts, and we hope to see you at the Little Red Dog Rescue Foster Fair this Sunday!

Marshall Morris, iHeartDogs Co-Founder