Is there a way I can find out a dogs behavior with previous sitters before I book the stay?

Is there a way I can find out about a dogs behavior with previous sitters before I book the stay?

If a dog has misbehaved with previous sitters, can I find out? Where can I see the notes from previous sitters about a dog?

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There’s a change coming that will not help you right now, which Rover emailed yesterday ( if you set your settings to receive their E newsletters). As Karen correctly stated, this hasn’t / isn’t available. However, rover is going to make this type of information available. The email detailed the phases in which it’s going to be rolled out.

I imagine there will be some mixed feelings about it because even though it will be after the pet owner has left the review and the opportunity to change it has closed, it could be awkward with owners who become aware of reviews if the sitter did not feel comfortable sharing directly. To be clear, I have transparent direct communication, but not every sitter is as comfortable doing so.

April 13 email contents:

The latest feedback feature updates As you know, we’ve been working to improve the way you can provide feedback on pets and pet parents. We’re excited to update you on the latest changes to our feedback feature and our plans for what’s coming next.

What’s new? After each booking, you’ll be able to input detailed feedback about the booking through a more structured form. You can share feedback about both the pet and pet parent, including what they’re like, their unique habits, and anything else you think it would be valuable for future sitters to know.

The feedback you leave now will help other sitters make more confident booking decisions in the future.

What’s next? In the future, you’ll be able to see feedback from other sitters in the pet and pet parent's profile. We believe this will enable you to get to know these pets and pet parents to determine if they are a good match before accepting a request.

Eventually, there’ll be a window of time when sitters and pet parents can leave feedback and reviews for one another. Your feedback won’t be released until the pet parent has submitted their review or until that window has closed so you don’t have to worry about whether your feedback impacts your own reviews.

This is just one more way we can help keep our Rover community safe and fun. We will continue to build out this feature—stay tuned for more updates!

Note: As part of this new feedback structure, some sections are labeled “Private Feedback.” Your responses in those sections won’t be visible to the pet parent.

Keep in mind this feature isn’t intended to replace the Report function. If you would like Rover to act on your behalf, ‌always use the Report function. In the unlikely case you experience a safety issue, ‌report it to Rover immediately.

Please add to your address book to make sure our emails are delivered to your inbox.


Ah, I see the problem you describe. Well, hopefully improved honest communication leads the right walkers to the right pets. More clients for me. If anybody has not already followed through with the training available through then 1000% GET THAT. So much "misbehavior" is solvable.

I haven't received anything from Rover ab out it. I will have to check my settings, but I seem to get other service-related mailings. I just checked. The only things I have blocked are marketing-related messages. Nothing there about newsletters.

Goggled Rover newsletter and then clicked on link and it said I subscribed to it. Curiouser and curiouser.

Karen: I found it was sent April 13 (pasted above):

Deb: I received something from them on April 6 but not the one you received on the 13th. I have added that email address to my safe senders list but that one from the 6th did come from that same address, so I'm not rejecting them.

And thanks for posting the message in its entirety.

You’re welcome. Maybe it’s going to be rolled out to California as a test first? (Like the change/hike in service fees!)

I've never received anything about this.


No, there isn't any way for you to do this, and Rover has intentionally done everything in its power to ensure you cannot. Sitters have never been able to see the notes made by other sitters.

You are probably asking why hasn't Rover built in this capability for sitters. The simple reason is money. If there were negative comments by other sitters accessible to others, then hardly any sane sitters would take on the pet, which means Rover would lose money. Rover probably takes the position that eventually they might find a sitter who will put up with the animal.

Rover's Terms of Service transfers all responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of bookings on to the sitter and the pet owner. They take no responsibility at all. Sitters are totally on their own.,


This is surprising, considering we are encouraged to leave notes for the next sitter. I hadn't thought about it. Why do they do that?


The notes are only viewable by Rover staff. They have never been for the next sitter.