Could someone explain what these "treats" are and how the system works?

asked 2015-08-31 11:17:16 -0500

Don't understand the "treats". What does it mean by "30 left"?

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2 Answers

answered 2015-08-31 11:22:29 -0500

Treats are explained in the FAQ linked below:


They're supposed to reflect contributions to this online community board. You are given 30 treats a day to spend, voting on answers provided by other members. There is a plus sign and a minus sign on the left. If you click on the plus sign, you will be giving another member here 10 treats, but only 1 is subtracted from your daily allocation. I see that you have 21 treats. That means you have received a vote on two of the questions you've posed. There are several other recent threads about treats, which you may want to check out. Just do a search on "treats" or "voting."

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Thank you :)

Paula F.'s profile imagePaula F. ( 2016-01-09 12:33:50 -0500 )edit

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Suzanne S.'s profile imageSuzanne S. ( 2017-10-19 17:00:48 -0500 )edit

good to know, thank you for your candor! I enjoyed reading your profile and most of it was very helpful

Lauralee S.'s profile imageLauralee S. ( 2018-09-27 03:08:39 -0500 )edit
answered 2015-08-31 12:44:35 -0500

Also check out another poster's question on this topic here https://www.rover.com/community/quest...

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