Help for dog with excessive burping?

asked 2020-08-02 23:48:30 -0500

My two year old dachshund mix has an issue with burping right after he eats, then maybe an hour later, another hour later. And he'll burp after a small treat like a carrot. His food is divided into 3 meals/ day- mix of nature's logic dry and wet food. He had spit up bile a year ago and was suspected to have acid reflux so he also gets a little food just before bed. The vet is the one who suggested adding the wet food and her next suggestion was something herbal and we haven't tried that. Love the ingredients in the food but read somewhere high protein maybe being difficult for some dogs to digest. Just worried about the burping so long after he eats. Seems like it could be some silent regurgitation too maybe. Thinking about changing foods but just wondering if anyone has dealt with this? Calling the vet back too. Thank you!

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Yes! I have tried everything! I have been adding 100% pure canned pumpkin as a topper on his food and that has worked really well. Tried Pepcid which didn't work. Probiotics help slightly. What really works is CBD oil! I couldn't believe it. Not 100% cured but maybe 90%.

Heather R.'s profile image Heather R.  ( 2020-08-03 17:20:24 -0500 ) edit

I also tried smaller meals and switching his food. I switched to Farmers Dog mixed with his dry food (Stella & Chewy Raw Blend Wholesome Grains). I switched due to the high protein as well. I Also add a little water to the dry food to help with digestion.

Heather R.'s profile image Heather R.  ( 2020-08-03 17:25:46 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2020-08-09 15:35:47 -0500

Your Vet is your best resource in finding a cure for your pup's burping problem. If he eats to fast that can cause burping, take a look at a puzzle bowl it slows them down!

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