Bloated puppy????

asked 2020-05-21 09:42:27 -0500

I've been at work all day and I came home to notice that my puppy's belly was a lot more big and round than usual. His sides aren't protruding or anything, and it doesn't look terribly distended, but he definitely looked very bloated. I asked my SO what was up, and he said that the pup has looked bloated like that for a few hours. He was sniffing around and acting like he needed to poop, but all that came out was a bit of runny poo. He was still squatting for a good minute or so after, but nothing came out.

SO said that he had pooped a few times that day, the last time being about two hours prior to me returning from work, but his poops have been more runny than usual.

We switched his food today (we mixed the last of his old food with the new food, but we only had a little bit of the old stuff left), as well as began to increase how much we've been feeding him - not by much, but he looks a bit skinny (you could see his ribs just a bit). He's usually fed three times a day, once about an hour before or after his morning walk, once in the afternoon and once later in the evening. It's been too cold for his morning walks these last few days, so I don't think the walking had anything to do with it.

After he took that small poop I mentioned earlier, he looked a bit less bloated, but it's definitely still there. He's not vomiting, wretching or acting lethargic at all. Other than the poop/bloating, he seems completely normal. He was his energetic, cuddly little self.

He has an appointment with his regular vet on Monday, but I panicked and called the emergency line. They refused to see me because I have no money on me until Monday morning (the damn banks are closed!) and I don't qualify for their credit program. They also told me they couldn't give me any advice on what to do, other than to monitor him and if he was any worse tomorrow, that I should find some way to get the money to have them see him. One person told me that I shouldn't feed him tomorrow morning because it's possible he just ate too much.

He's asleep right now. His abdomen doesn't feel tight, but I'm so terrified that it might be something like Bloat (he's a lab/pit or a lab/boxer and I know all of those breeds are at risk for it), and I have no idea when symptoms would start appearing. His behavior hasn't seemed to be effected at all.

UPDATE: I just took him outside again. He peed and then he pooped. It was a normal amount of poop for him, and it was more solid than the last one, but it was still a bit runny. He still seemed like he needed to go after that ... (more)

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