What's wrong with my friend's dog?

asked 2020-04-27 06:07:45 -0500

So she's a three year old caniche or bichon . And they found her in the street she couldn't see because her hair was covering her eyes and her owners gave her up . Although she's a three year old dog , she is not trained , doesn't even know the sit command , her owners also use screaming and glaring if she does something they don't like , she understand they are mad but the behaviour doesn't change . So , When I First met her and tried petting her she was just trembling . My friend and I then went to her room , the dog immediately hid under the bed , my friend told me she always does that and also she just scratches the floor when under the bed . Then my friend's parents came . Her mom was in the kitchen , and the dog was in the room with us , when I stood up and made my way to the kitchen , I didn't even enter yet .. she was barking at me like crazy she even scratched my leg with her teeth , not an official bite or anything like that , and then she went and hid under a table . My friend told me she has this habit of Surprise biting when you turn your back to her . Since then I couldn't be comfortable unless my friend will hold her because i knew she would bite me especially while next to her mom . Everytime i get close to her mom she starts growling at me , my friend's mom started scolding her and everything but it sure was not a way to raise her . Once again we finished eating , I stood up and she immediately run to me , barking at me like crazy . The dog is also a little agressive when they walk her . But she's literally a 3 years old dog who only eat and sleep , no activity , no training , and no correction to her bad behaviour , my friend literally laughs and will strat petting her unconsciously when she growls at me . But I can't seem to understand who fearful she was at the beginning . I'm sorry i wrote a lot , but i want to learn how to act around family dogs because i feel they have more issues than street dogs .

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answered 2020-04-27 21:49:49 -0500

You clearly understand this dog better than your friend and her family. It sounds like this little dog experienced a rough start in life. She can grow up to be a fabulous dog. That requires training from her family. Please have your friend look into positive reinforcement trainers. Encourage her to communicate problem areas with the trainer before she signs up, so they can advise if that is something they are qualified to help her overcome. There are some videos available online, but it seems like the support of an in person trainer, whether at a group class or 1 on 1 would be of great value in turning things around.

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