Is my new puppy safe with my cat?

asked 2020-02-03 09:23:08 -0500

We adopted a four month old lab mix puppy from the shelter yesterday. The workers at the shelter couldn't say what other breeds she may have in her, but guessed setter. Our friend mentioned she looks like she could have some Greyhound in her, and after researching, there is a strong resemblance. This scares me because we have a 7 year old cat in the home that hasn't been around dogs, and I've read that greyhounds can have very strong prey drives and be dangerous around cats. I don't want to jump the gun and go to worst case scenario, but I also want to be cautious and make sure we aren't putting our cat into a potentially dangerous situation. Can anyone help shed some light on this?

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answered 2020-05-15 02:14:05 -0500

It could be your dog is in more danger from your cat than the other way around. Your cat should have accessible places to escape the puppy when he wishes and if he feels threatened his claws may find some very sensitive areas on your pup that could do serious damage. Always keep a watch on a new puppy especially with a cat who has no experience w dogs but also because there are many things in a home we don't think of as being a risk to your dog's health (and we don't always think of how much a puppy doesn't know of this new world around him lol). When no one is watching the pup, when out of the house or at night, a crate should be used. Again, not only bc of the cat but for reasons including safety and behavior as well as others. If they don't mesh and you see behaviors that concern you from either one, you should definitely consult a trainer to go over some specifics pertaining to your dog's and cat's behavior, demeanor, etc. Crate training. Tips for places and ways to "get away" if they need to (the cat really). If the two aren't doing well together I would explore training for the behavior from one or both that seems to be interfering w a friendly relationship (or at least resigned coexistence lol). There is almost ALWAYS a solution and often times w observation it can turn out to be a pretty simple one. Fear not! My rescue had a real issue w wanting to play rough w the cats, especially the ones who didn't like her and displayed aggressive behavior towards her bc she thought it was play which only got her more excited :face palm: today they are all but one actually really close with one another. Luckily w the last cat they have decided to go the indifferent route. Sometimes mutual indifference is the best lol I hope this helps

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