Why won't Rover help with dog not being picked up?

asked 2019-11-19 22:49:42 -0500

I have had to call Rover 7x and I have still received no help. A dog was dropped off to me and was supposed to stay for 48hrs. It was all last minute, but i gave the benefit of doubt. The owner requested photos but did not respond for the first 36hrs. He had his 'brother' drop off the dog. The pup profile said he was neutered, house trained, gets along with other dogs. All of those are false. The dog has a large set on him, has peed and pooped in the house every time. Will not use the potty outside. I just assume the microchip is a lie too because everything else was.

Rover was contacted a bunch and they will not do anything. I have been keeping the dog for free going on 2 days. The dog was dropped off with only a rope around his neck. No food, bowls, bed, etc. I gave all of that, just to be nice. The dog SHREDDED the bed to pieces and the owner denied the reimbursement request and is ignoring requests to pick up the dog. I haven't even been paid for the original stay. The extended stay is presumably on me because Rover is useless in this case.

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