Dog Report Card Examples?

asked 2015-08-07 00:23:59 -0500

I've heard a couple people mention dog report cards for after the stays. I LOVE the idea, but can't think of what to include. Would anyone mind sharing what they include in a report card?

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answered 2015-08-07 10:32:48 -0500

The performance categories need to emphasize the positive and cute, perhaps with a little humor.

1) Played well with others 2) Cleaned his/her bowl 3) Cuddled __ of days

Then you can give the dog special kudos for being a championship fetcher or wrestler, and ensured the neighborhood plants were adequately watered or conducted all business out of doors.

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CUTE!! I like where you are going!

Meralee C.'s profile imageMeralee C. ( 2015-08-09 13:05:01 -0500 )edit
answered 2015-08-07 10:36:29 -0500

A dog-person I know suggested one that was too elementary for me to use, with either drawn out stars or stickers like teachers give out in kindergarten through 4th grade:

  • Dog's Name and Date at the top
  • Walking: 5 Stars
  • Eating: 5 Stars
  • Playing: 5 Stars
  • Sleeping: 5 Stars
  • Then maybe a sentence or two about their dog, keeping it short and sweet...and your name. Hope that helps.
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answered 2015-08-10 17:04:58 -0500

I like to leave a hand written note on my last day in a client's home (I do traveling pet care). It's not exactly a "Report Card" but it adds a great personal touch and I've had a great response from past clients. I also like to include little notes, throughout the duration of a stay, along with the photos I send (Examples: Someone's getting spoiled! "dogs name" misses you and hopes you're having a great time! Snuggle time! etc. ).

In general, I like to briefly recap the stay in my end note. This allows me to focus on the positive things that occurred and still provide feedback on anything that may not have gone as planned, without having to "rate" or "grade" a particular animal.

  • I make sure to cover any changes that were made to a schedule and why the change was made (I've had animals , especially elderly ones, who I have visited more often, at different times, etc. than planned, in order to make sure they were well taken care of. Not all owners are familiar with leaving their animal in the care of someone else and so, may not fully grasp what their animal's needs will be while they are away).

  • If the animal is prone to accidents or any other type of "negative" behavior I report on this as well, making sure to highlight how great they did with it while in my care.

  • If the animal displayed any unexpected behavior; anxiety, not eating, accidents, etc. and what was done to remedy the situation.

I then always make sure to close on a more personal note, making sure to express how much I enjoyed taking care of their pet(s) and asking that they contact me for any future needs. I also leave my business card with a short note on the back, asking for them to provide a rating and feedback on their stay, as well as asking them to like my business page on Facebook and share my information with their friends.

I know this isn't exactly what you were looking for but I sure hope it helps! :)


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answered 2015-08-13 22:33:38 -0500

My report card template has a big, red A+ printed right onto it. I don't do different grades, and I wouldn't recommend it. I've had lots of extremely positive feedback on my report cards. My report card is half of an 8.5x11 paper that I print on cardstock, so I get two per sheet. I have "Jean & Ray's Canine Cottage" printed above "Doggie Report Card" and a space for the dog's name and date's he/she stayed with us. Below that, I have a multiple sections with a little blank for a check or X next to each option. I added a couple clip art pictures to make it cutesy, including a paw print border and little star with a happy face and text that says "Don't forget to write a review!" I also use a nice-colored sharpie or fine-point marker to write in the check boxes, write comments, and circle the star. Here are the sections I have (I may take out personality at a later time, since it's a little redundant with mood. Right now I use to to capture more enduring characteristics.) Personality - Happy, relaxed, active, playful, stressed, anxious, irritable, excited, shy, other Mood - Happy, talkative, friendly, reserved, playful, loving, restful Energy level - Very low, low average, average, high average, very high Playtimes - Cuddles, stick, doggie play, ball, chase, and shy), ElImination - Regular, often, daily, infrequent, soft stool, diarrhea, inside Meals - hungry, slow at first, selective, ate all, threw up Barking/Whining - Never, rarely, sometimes, often, always Growling/Aggressive - Never, rarely, sometimes, often, always Comments: (Here I usually write in - Spot wins the award for best fetcher" or most playful, best cuddler, etc.

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Jean, would you be willing to share your template or a picture of your report card?

Samantha R.'s profile imageSamantha R. ( 2017-03-03 13:38:42 -0500 )edit
answered 2015-08-07 18:48:24 -0500

I've been wanting to create a report card but how exactly does that work? I mean do you ever give the dogs an "F?" If so, I would think that would offend the customer. I saw a report card once that said F orget it, I'll be good next time or D id my best. I thought to myself, if I give a customer this card they will surely give me a poor review. I'd be interested in knowing other sitter success stories on report cards. Maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of it.

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Exactly! I want it to be something the owner will think is cute, but for it to also be an opportunity to communicate any issues or concerns. I don't want to use a letter grade or ranking system either because that could offend someone and that's not the purpose!

Meralee C.'s profile imageMeralee C. ( 2015-08-09 13:03:49 -0500 )edit

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