Why does my dog now eat his poop after we changed dog food?

asked 2015-07-27 13:59:51 -0500

So we just changed dog food, and so far so good, but my dog has now started eating his own poop. He has NEVER done this before, and while he is mid-poop, he turns his head, smells it, and immediately starts licking the poop he JUST pooped. Does anyone have experience with this and how do I stop it?! HELP!

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I would check the dogfood you have switched to. http://Dogfoodadvisor.com is a great resource, however there are many others. If a dog is not getting the proper nutrients or digesting the food they can do this. Also some can make this into a life long habit. The term is Coprophagia . In the mean time management is key: Scooping poop.

Yvette V.'s profile image Yvette V.  ( 2015-08-16 00:09:54 -0500 ) edit

Second Yvette's comment. This is a common behavior in horses too - they'll eat their own manure if the quality of the food is low, they're not digesting the nutrients or don't have the necessary gut bacteria.

Erica F.'s profile image Erica F.  ( 2015-08-26 16:42:55 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2015-07-27 15:01:46 -0500

He may not be totally digesting some of the ingredients. If anything is still coming out smelling like food (even if it's coated in not-food) he could still be interested in it. And of course if something isn't digesting, he's not getting all of the nutritional value of the food on the first go around, so his body may be telling him to seek out nutrients where he can.

It seems unlikely to be simply behavioral (like many dogs who develop a poop eating habit over time), so I'd consult with my vet to see if they could recommend supplements or another diet change. There are also additives you can place in his food that makes the poop unpalatable, but if he's truly not getting some of the nutrients this may only defer the problem.

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answered 2015-07-27 15:04:00 -0500

I've heard that dogs might do this because they aren't getting all the nutrients they need. It's a totally 'natural' behavior [though of course we find it totally disgusting!]

Did you gradually transition him from his original food to this new one? You may want to take another look at what this new brand is offering him, compared to the old one. Depending on the age, size, breed, and activity level of your doggy, he may need something more appropriate for him!

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