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asked 2018-08-17 20:56:37 -0500

I had a client leave their pup with me for a week, and they loved me!....so I am sure they just forgot to leave a review. What can I do to help remind them? Is that selfish? lol Please tell me. Any advice would be appreciated!

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answered 2018-08-18 05:38:32 -0500

After a booking is completed Rover emails the client asking them to leave a review, you can always follow up with them via text if you wish. Many clients don't leave reviews even though we wish they all would. Best of luck in the future

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Thanks Walt!

Audrey B.'s profile imageAudrey B. ( 2018-08-18 13:30:19 -0500 )edit
answered 2018-08-18 18:53:30 -0500

Just ask them politely, tell them the best things about the stay with dog or something you really miss about them. Always mention how grateful you are for their business and trust in you.

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answered 2018-08-21 09:25:50 -0500

I like to put a thank you card in the bag with the pups things to go home, thanking the client for using our services, telling them to think of us next time they need a sitter, and asking them to please leave us a review on Rover if they have time - that it does so much to help our little business. We have had great success with this, and lots of reviews!

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Thank for that! I have started making thank you's using our cricut. So easy and I got fast responses from those I tested this with. Thanks again!

Audrey B.'s profile imageAudrey B. ( 2018-08-21 16:45:03 -0500 )edit

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