Mistakes you made during first sits?

asked 2015-07-18 21:27:43 -0500

I'm curious to learn about the common mistakes other Rover sitters have made. I just made my first mistake with a my first stay-the woman had me meet her a bunch of times because she wasn't organized which cost me time and money running back and forth all over town. However, I didn't realize we could add services or extend periods of time-so I was grumpy that I was hired to sleep there 4 nights, but I was going to have to take care of him for half a day. I just realized I could of added a "visit/walk" fee while we were messaging or afterwards. Now I know!

What about you?

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11 Answers

answered 2015-08-06 14:35:07 -0500

1) My very first meet and greet the owner did not bring the dogs. He wasn't aware he should bring them. So I was not able to see how they behaved, only went on the owners opinions.

2) A very big key thing that I learned is that prior to a meet and greet or stay, to make sure the dogs go to the bathroom BEFORE entering the house as most of them try to mark or go as soon as they enter. It's even good to keep pee pads available for first timers!

3) It's okay to turn away some stays, although I have yet to do so. I need to start doing this if I feel the dog is not a good fit.

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