How to stop night time barking at apartment noises?

asked 2018-07-28 04:14:23 -0500

I rescued my 2.5 yer old pit bull terrier about a month ago from a shelter- for the first month she didn't bark very much at all- except when someone was directly at my door. This week she has started to bark at night at some new noise in our apartment building that I can't identify beyond it being a loud Bang that almost sounds like someone is dropping furniture (it's very inconsistent and intermittent and I am also not sure on where exactly is coming from upstairs) but now she is barking in the middle of the night at it. I do my best not to overreact or speak loudly so she doesn't think it's disturbing me also but I am just anticipating complaints from my neighbors about her barking and I need some help figuring out how to curb this behavior. Here's what I am already doing: white noise is playing (it doesn't drown out the sounds), calming music is also playing to try and relax her. When she does bark I pet her to calm her down (but I'm not sure this is encouraging the behavior- I can't let her just bark it out though in the middle of the night). I've tried to do a "speak" "quiet" command but she doesn't bark on command- however when she is quiet I tell her she's a good girl. Any advice on other training techniques or ways to react to this would be very helpful- I think both of us and my neighbors would appreciate undisturbed sleep. Thanks!

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sounds like she is nervous or anxious which is why she will break at the noise because it scares her. try some calming aid pills or a thundershirt or some lavender to help calm and soothe her. also a good walk before bed is helpful.

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I would suggest keeping her in the same room or space as you with the door closed if possible. Just for that extra barrier for sound and a "safer" space. If you're already doing that, then perhaps keep a bag of treats on hand and call her attention and give her a treat to distract her. You can't really control the barking per se, you can over time control her reaction to it. The sound is making her anxious and vigilant instead of allowing her to rest and she's responding to it. Try that out and see how it works. My pup was like that for a while when I first got her too, after some time and her sleeping in my bed she just finally stopped unless it was super loud or closer by. Unfortunately, you just can't stop the sound that someone else is making. Good luck!

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