How to keep my dog from his wound?

asked 2018-07-09 12:27:09 -0600

My dog has a big wound on his leg and we took him to the vet to treat it. He was treated with antibiotics and is taking antibiotics at home now. His original wound was starting to get better but then he started biting his leg again and he is creating a new one. He has been wearing an Elizabethan collar all this time but he is finding ways around it. The vet suggested he is doing this because he is bored but doesn't really know why the original wound opened. He assumes it's dermatitis. Does any one have some experience with this? If so please help because I really want him to get better as soon as possible. Also I have started walking him more to tire him out so he isn't as bored. Thank you in advance.

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Get some toys to distract the dog. Like the ones you can hide food in. If that doesn't work keep him very very busy so he will be too tired to try to get around the cone.

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answered 2018-07-16 07:43:38 -0600

I would try redirection - is he motivated by toys? Maybe try distracting him with something else. When my dog was constantly biting at a wound, I would try and change her attention to something else. Stimulation is key in this situation, taking him for more walks is definitely a great idea to tire him out but maybe try some different tactics to change his attention!

Hope this helps!

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