How do you crate train a senior dog?

asked 2018-07-01 09:18:50 -0500

I just adopted a 9 year old toy poodle. How do I crate train him? When he goes in the crate and I close the door, he will whine and it won’t stop! What’s the process for crate training a senior dog like him?

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Kudos for adopting a senior!!!! <3 The process is ultimately no different than training a dog of any other age, including a puppy. Are you doing this because the dog is not potty trained, or just to be certain that he doesn't get into trouble?

Christine K.'s profile image Christine K.  ( 2018-07-02 00:41:56 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2018-07-02 12:11:16 -0500
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