Cat care rate?

asked 2018-05-30 14:35:08 -0500

So I set my additional rates according to what sitters in my area charge, but I have a few concerns about the cat care rate for house sitting. Mostly everyone has it at around $10/night, which is understandable if they have dogs and the cat is an “add on.” However, what would you charge if you were sitting only a cat? I feel if I was being hired to stay overnight with a cat, $10/night is not nearly enough. Also, how would you distinguish two different prices for “cat care” on your profile if you were to have two different prices (such as a cat in addition to a dog and just a cat)?

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answered 2018-05-30 17:38:55 -0500

Because the Rover system is "special" it doesn't let pet owners specify that the animal is a cat or Sitters set a special cat rate. I leave it at my dog rate, but if I do not have to clean litter boxes and/or there are 3+ cats I will usually remove the charge for an animal or two.

My rationale is that I am still expending the effort to drive there, cleaning a cat box is less fun than walking a dog outside and the prices I set are for my time and effort. So if I am really just driving over and playing with a few cats and leaving their food out I consider the effort the same whether it is one cat or five, but if I am doing a lot of extras then I charge the additional few bucks per animal I would if it were a dog.

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