Why does my dog bark at other people?

asked 2018-03-10 14:08:53 -0500

Why does my Yorkie bark every time she sees another person, even when they are several blocks away. She continues to bark until they are completely out of her eyesight. This is really annoying.

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Everything the light touches, she owns.

Emily M.'s profile image Emily M.  ( 2018-03-30 07:54:27 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2018-03-11 23:32:04 -0500

Hi Peggy - Unfortunately it's not easy to say, as there could be any number of causes. I would look up "leash reactivity" to start with. It could be anxiety, excitement, aggression, territorial/possessive/guarding behavior, and so forth.
Also remember that dogs cannot see details as well as we can, so your pup is probably barking at something more akin to a moving blur, rather than a detailed human being. That's not to say she doesn't know it's a human being, but it's worth taking into consideration, especially if your pup barks more at distant people than close people. If she barks at anyone, no matter their distance, then researching leash reactivity may be your best bet, especially if she only barks at people when she's on leash and not when she's at home. No matter what, learning about dog body language is incredibly useful.

I hope that was at least somewhat helpful.

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Thanks so much for your reply. My dog actually barks whether or not she is on her leash or when she is in our yard or anywhere else. Basically anytime she sees a person or any type of animal, she barks. I will research leash reactivity as you suggested and hopefully that will help though.

Peggy S.'s profile image Peggy S.  ( 2018-03-18 17:08:51 -0500 ) edit
answered 2018-04-04 00:45:17 -0500

My dog doesn't like people try to pet it because they're strange. My dog is a guard dog.

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