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My profile link: https://www.rover.com/sit/caninecottage

Looking for some feedback on my profile. I've been doing this awhile, but just switched from boarding to house sitting/walks/drop-in visits. Would love feedback, no need to sugar coat. Fyi I'm going to be taking Ray off the name because it's just me now (or do you think it matters if I leave him on there or not?).


  1. Would "Jean's Traveling Treats" or "Jean's Traveling Treats w/Discounts" be a better headline? I'm trying to come up with a "name" for myself. It used to be Jean & Ray's Canine Cottage, but I'm doing Rover by myself now, we don't live in a cottage anymore, and the name seemed more appropriate for dog boarding.
  2. Is it okay that I included canine client photos in my profile pix when they will also show up in my canine client pictures down below? I can sift through old photos if the repeats seem weird. (Is there any way to pick and choose which canine client photos appear?)
  3. Do you think potential clients will care (or even notice) that part of their payment goes towards a charity?

Any feedback is welcome!

Thanks all!

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Walt gave you some great information! I would not use the word "treat" in your title. My clients have specific feeding instruction for their pets. I give only pet-parent approved treats mostly provided by them. I am not sure what you meant by using treats in your name. It may give the wrong message.

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answered 2018-03-02 06:22:14 -0500

Hi Jean,

I actually like Jean's Canine Cottage and would continue to use it. I would steer away from using discount in your tagline, just seems to me you are begging for clients, but that's my thoughts. If you want to have Ray removed from your profile name you will need to call Rover Support.

Personally, I don't post any client pictures to my profile, I have been with Rover for 2 years and a daily walker, if I posted them there would be more than 2000 pictures and potential clients don't look at them anyway.

Clients don't care if you donate to an animal rescue group. Also, I wouldn't donate through Rover since you don't get any tax deduction for the donation. Take all your earnings and make a separate donation.

You have written a very long profile that contains far too much superfluous information. Most new clients won't take the time to read all of it and may be turned off. You must hit the highlights about you and the services you offer in your first two paragraphs.

Boarding is the number 1 service for Rover sitters; now that you have removed that service it will more than likely impact your income as the other services aren't as much in demand. Finding daily walkers can be tough unless you live in an area that has a large population and folks that have long commutes leading to long days away from home. Best of luck to you

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answered 2018-03-17 17:31:10 -0500


I think you should have a good name regardless that most clients think of us as Rover. One can still brand themselves/services outside of the Rover platform, by using that same name.

If you want to change, it should reflect you and your services. Jean's Pet Services: dog walks, pet sitting, drop in visits, custom service for your pet... (name with type of service) Jean's Pet Services (personal name) Rodger City Dog Walking (area of service) Never Walk Alone Dog Walking (Use a tagline as your name)

I am donating at this time but may change. I don't think it matters if you give on this site but everyone should give and remind others to do so as well. I find that telling people I give and encouraging people to give can make an impact with the animals that need us.

Photos are great but I have not mastered this category yet. We should only use the best photos. Your profile pic should be you walking a dog or dogs...I think it is ok to have one picture of spouse on profile but not main picture. I use my husband as safety device...he may drive me to a meet and greet for overnight stay. Always be safe and use the application.

Let me know if I can help you more.

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answered 2018-03-09 17:24:23 -0500

You look like you have some loyal, appreciative clients! Use your headline as a catch phrase to capture the owner's attention. I don't think they care about a business name. To them, you are Rover. Think about what an owner looks for and use that to draw them in. Walt gave you great tips!!

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