I have a Pug , and he Pee's on Sofa Base . Please Help?

asked 2017-04-21 01:54:14 -0500

I have a Pug , he usually stays at home only and doesnt want to go out as its too hot here in india . he pee's a lot . we taught him either to pee in balcony or in washroom and sometimes he does that . but sometimes he Pee's on Sofa leg and Bed base too , and the smell is too bad and the Chrome paint of sofa leg has rust on in it due to his pee problem . so my main concern to ask you this how to stop him to pee at that specific spot. is there anything i can keep there or rub anything that he smell's it on that specific sopt and doesnt pee's there...its not that we dotn stop him from Peeing there , but he goes in washroom and Pee and as soon as he comes out from there he Pee's near bed then at sofa. he does pee a little but he does.. not everything but mostly he does so its v diff to roam after him all the time ...

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answered 2017-05-20 20:00:33 -0500

This sounds like Marking (not actually peeing) when it's not fully emptying his bladder, but rather just a little urine. If he's not neutered, please neuter him. Marking is more common with intact males. Then you need to clean the sofa base with a really good cleaner meant for pet urine stains (Nature's Miracle is an example of one brand).

Another tip is to limit his freedom inside. This can be done by keeping him leashed and holding his leash or have around your leg or keep confined his space the same way you're doing or using crate, playpen or fencing whenever unobserved.

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