Does anyone have 3 dogs?

asked 2015-05-06 18:16:35 -0500

We have two dogs right now, a 10 year old Dachshund, and a 4 year old Boston Terrier. We've been discussing getting a puppy but want to make sure it's the right time, and fit for our home. Does anyone have three dogs? Any upsides or downsides that you've noticed? I know it's common for people to have one or two, but three seems to be a bit more rare.

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i own 4 dogs :0)

Shekinah S.'s profile image Shekinah S.  ( 2015-07-03 01:40:16 -0500 ) edit

We currently have three dogs and it is very hectic and very expensive. All our pups came from shelters and two of the dogs are older (we have had them over 10 years!) so they have numerous health issues. It seems like the third dog is a good idea at the time, but, just as with children, when you go from two to three, you have to switch from a man-on-man defense to a zone defense and it is a lot to juggle! Somehow, God gives you the strength though!

Debra R.'s profile image Debra R.  ( 2015-07-03 22:38:23 -0500 ) edit

Took a 3rd pom from a breeder who forced me into "trying it out for 2 weeks" and absolutely hate it. I am returning her this weekend after one week. The dog is a sweetheart 4 years old but my 10 year old female pom has remained the couch for going on 5 days. She is depressed and isolated. Not fair

Sophia J.'s profile image Sophia J.  ( 2017-05-21 21:06:57 -0500 ) edit

I did up until about a three weeks ago. Now I only have two. Usually kept 5 for about 50 yrs. My own little rescue, zoning limit was 5 so I kept as many as I could.

Shirley L.'s profile image Shirley L.  ( 2018-02-07 10:54:27 -0500 ) edit

I have 3. I rescued them all with 1 month of each other when I lost my 1st love. I had 4 until I lost my little Yorkie, 3 is plenty. 2 boys, 1 girl. They all love each other, and welcome our visiting pups. When I am at capacity, I have 7 dogs in my house. Yikes.

Suzanne S.'s profile image Suzanne S.  ( 2018-05-16 01:52:28 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2015-07-02 13:45:50 -0500

I agree with the person above who said they have three and love them dearly, but won't have 3 again.

I love my babies! 12 year old dachshund/Manchester terrier mix, 11 year old lab, and 3 year old chihuahua.

I adopted all of them from rescue groups at young ages (#3 was a foster dog who I fell in love with and I couldn't give him up).

They all get along great, but I can't take them all anywhere together except the vet, and that excursion is EXPENSIVE. Finding someone to watch them all at once is a problem also.

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answered 2015-07-03 20:48:37 -0500

I have 3 rescue dogs, 2 of which were diagnosed with heartworms I had to borrow money $2000 to get them both treatment. Now I've taken in my daughters dog who was in the way of a new baby. That makes 4. I have taken 3 Rover dogs from same family. I love dogs and I live on 5 acres.

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answered 2015-07-02 21:34:53 -0500

I have 3 dogs and (of course) I absolutely love them all. That being said, when we adopted our 3rd dog (a beagle/border collie mix who's quite the handful) we didn't realize how much more work it would be.

Since I'm only working from home/sitting for Rover right now I'm basically always home when my wife's at work- so that means I have the time for them. But when it comes to making travel plans, or finding a rental when my wife relocates, our lives our a lot more difficult because of having 3 dogs.

Obviously only you know you and if you are ready for the time/money comittment but I'd keep in my mind that 3 dogs could easily take over your life. I love that my life is taken over by my pups but it would be a bit 'too much' for a lot of people.

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answered 2015-05-14 13:09:29 -0500

We have 3 dogs in our household - 4yr old Female GS/Rotty mix (110 lbs), 3yr old Female Pug (20lbs) and a 6 month old Female English Bulldog puppy... add to this my MIL's 5yr old Female Bassett Hound, our children and their friends, and you have the makings of a crazy household....

Just as with children, the dynamics of the "pack" are nuanced and many... - the Pug thinks she is the alpha, the GS/Rotty is very gentle, just loves the puppy and the Pug, but can display a forceful correction when the puppy oversteps her bounds.... the Pug is pals with the GS/Rotty - you will oftentimes find them sleeping on the sofa with the Pug nestled in between the legs of the larger dog...the Pug pretty much ignores the puppy, but has shown aggressiveness when the puppy bothers her and doesn't stop with the initial brush-off... (this same behavior was demonstrated between the Pug and Bassett Hound when the Pug was a puppy)

The dynamic between these two does requires supervision, a firm hand and keen insight as to body language and nuances, and to be safe, we never leave them unsupervised - if we aren't able to watch them, the puppy is crated

That said, with assertive intervention, the two seem to now tolerate each other - it will no doubt be interesting as the puppy matures into a 75lb Bully....

The only other impact that I see is the 1/3 more expenses for Vet, Food and care, etc

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answered 2015-05-06 18:50:32 -0500

We have 3 dogs that we own and I still take in up to 2 dogs at a time from Rover. During the holidays we have taken an additional 3 dogs plus our 3 but that's way too hectic. We have a pit bull and 2 chihuahuas. The pit bull enjoys the rover dogs more than the smaller dogs but they are tolerant and warm up slowly.

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answered 2015-08-26 09:59:54 -0500

We have three dogs-- a cavalier, mini schnauzer, and a Gordon setter. I don't see any problem with having three, but training is an absolute must. If my three were not well trained, they would be an absolute nightmare!

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answered 2020-06-29 02:01:19 -0500

Hey, I actually made an account here just to answer your question. So I have 3 doggos. One is old, another is about 5 and the last is a puppy.

Your question is hard.A lot of people will read this column trying to figure out the same question you have. Personally I would say if you have two dogs getting a third doesn’t change the work load almost at all. obviously as they get older, they sleep more, and pretty much just hang out with you. My oldest dog has a lot of health issues. So he’s the only one that I really have to have a guard up. So it depends on your situation. A lot of people talk about the cost of having three dogs but it’s not much more than having two, unless multiple have health issues. If I had millions of dollars I’d buy as many dogs as I could, to prevent bad owners from mistreating them. Getting a new dog, it’s like decide if you want to have a child. They require a lot of work. Puppies need to be taken out about every 45 min, so by the time they are 1 year old , they do not poop or pee inside. They are like babies except you can put them in a crate for a few hours and not get arrested haha.

In one sentence, If you have the time to care for them then yes, get another dog. If your going to end up going crazy about the amount of dogs in your house then don’t. Anyone with a dog is going to think about what if they didn’t get the doggo. That’s normal, but I always like to think about the other possibilities. What if my dog was treated badly. They are all so amazing even when they are brats. They are so smart and they care about me and my family.

So I spent some time writing this post, but it really comes down to you and your life. Just cause some people are dog haters and would think 3 is too many, doesn’t mean you should listen. I have a fenced in yard. I open the door and my dogs go outside. That’s a huge part of it. If you need leash everytime don’t get 3 dogs. Dogs go outside 3-5 times a day. So yeah. It’s up to you... can you handle it? That’s the ultimate question.

I wish you luck. Dogs make my world go round and they are special in every way. I hope you figure out what is best for you and your life.

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answered 2015-07-02 11:59:57 -0500

I have 3 dogs... and while I love them all dearly... I will never have 3 again! I had a 10 year old Dalmatian and a 9 year old lab and got a little Shorkie. He was 2 pounds and my dalmatian worshiped him.... my lab hated him. She growled at him whenever he came near. After about 6 months I was seriously thinking that I was going to have to give my little guy away, as he caused my lab so much stress. (She's older, plus diabetic, allergies, ACL...) Then out of the blue one night my pup tried yet again to get her affection and low and behold my lab started to mouth wrestle with him! Boy was he so happy! They played for about 10 minutes. Since then they've been great! That being said... 3 is still too many for me. Even though I put my 2 girls on a coupler with 1 leash, and little guy on his own leash it's still not an easy walk. I used to take my girls with me places, even softball games. But now with 3... that's just too many to tie up and worry about while I'm on the field. So now I just take my little guy so we can play fetch in between innings and my old girls stay home... Plus... the added expenses! He's only 10 pounds now so food really isn't a huge factor... but his PET INSURANCE sure is! That's another $55 a month... and then vet bills. Thankfully he's been pretty healthy but the stuff he has had done $$$
And... now you have another dog to give love and affection to, which in a way takes from the original pups.
So... I think that I will always have 2 dogs, so that they keep each other company, but I will never have 3 again. Good luck with your decision!

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answered 2018-01-20 11:16:28 -0500

I have three dogs a papillion a yorkie mix and a chihuahua puppy I just recently got from my sister. My papillion is very jealous and demands attention he's spoiled my yorkie she's very active and hyper I thought adding a pup to the mix would be a bad idea because the other two especially my papillion would hate the idea when the pup was brought home at first there was growling and they both avoided the puppy like it had the plague but now they've decided to add him to their little pack they both wrestle and play with him. There's no harm in trying for three its a bit of work but if you have the energy and time to put into three dogs then go for it. So far I love having three fur babies

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answered 2015-05-12 19:29:27 -0500

I grew up with 3 dogs in the home. From an outsider's opinion, it may seem like an extensive amount, but as an animal lover, I try to do whatever I can to help out. All of my dogs are rescues so their adoption wasn't really a difficult decision. As long as the dogs all get along and you can be sure they won't show aggression if you're out of the house, then I don't see any problem with it!

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