Goals Thread. 2017 Rover Goals?

asked 2017-01-22 13:45:36 -0500

The beginning of the year is when people create goals for themselves in many different areas.
Does anyone have a goal that they plan to acheive as a Sitter with Rover this year?

Ex.: 12 miles a week in walks (an added bonus of fitness combined, ooh!)? 10% increase in total revenue over last year? 3 new clients a month?

Written goals have a much higher success rate of being achieved, over goals that aren't written down. I thought it would be nice to have a thread of goal ideas to help us each formulate our own.

I haven't quite decided what my Rover goal will be this year but have given myself a February 1st deadline to come up with one. :)

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Great question!

Kathleen D.'s profile imageKathleen D. ( 2017-01-24 12:55:25 -0500 )edit

Thanks! In addition to having a place to put goals down in writing, I was curious to the possibilities that others are putting on themselves

Moureene T.'s profile imageMoureene T. ( 2017-01-24 12:58:36 -0500 )edit

4 Answers

answered 2017-01-23 07:22:24 -0500

Increase my earnings by 35%, I just raised my walking rates $2 a walk as of Jan01 Number of daily walks 1200 for the year Renew my first aid and CPR Learn to say no to weekend work Take a 2 week cruise from Rome to Barcelona, with a stay in Monaco

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1200 walks? That's impressive. What is your current monthly walk average? This is motivating.

Moureene T.'s profile imageMoureene T. ( 2017-01-23 09:05:41 -0500 )edit

25 to 30 walks per week, been that way since May last year

Walt G.'s profile imageWalt G. ( 2017-01-23 11:13:03 -0500 )edit

Wow. Then you're already at about 1200 per year.

Moureene T.'s profile imageMoureene T. ( 2017-01-23 11:14:34 -0500 )edit

Yup but with summer vacations it will slow a bit

Walt G.'s profile imageWalt G. ( 2017-01-23 11:50:33 -0500 )edit

This is my first full year. I'm trying hard to do realistic projections

Moureene T.'s profile imageMoureene T. ( 2017-01-23 18:51:18 -0500 )edit

I love your plans to go on the cruise - sounds wonderful!

Cari C.'s profile imageCari C. ( 2017-01-24 20:27:02 -0500 )edit
answered 2017-01-24 12:53:31 -0500

My goal is to get a couple more business travel repeat customers. I would like to beat my earnings from 2016. I don't want to increase my fee since I am in the middle of sitters around me. I don't mind the 1 time stay and my repeat vacation only customers only come once or twice a year. But my all my repeats are very comfortable coming to my home, know each other and have a great time.

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Interesting strategy! Increase revenue without increasing fees. How do you get your name out? Where will these new clients come from?

Moureene T.'s profile imageMoureene T. ( 2017-01-24 12:59:43 -0500 )edit
answered 2017-01-25 15:58:01 -0500

Rover keeps picking up as my other self-employment is starting to fall off. (I do Computer Graphics but I'm starting to age out of the business) So what was once supposed to be bonus money is now becoming a needed source of income. Right now my goal is to get my backyard in the best possible condition to attract more clients. I don't think it has ever stopped anyone from booking after a Meet & Greet but my grass has taken a serious beating which makes things look a little shabby. Ideally I'd like to get a better fence but that's kinda pricey.

I am thinking of investing in a bark-control device for the new neighbor's dog. He barks constantly. They moved in about 6 weeks ago and he stresses out some of my Rover dogs, even when they are in the house. If I can't get control over that situation I will lose a ton of business. Meet & Greets will be a joke with all that noise.

That's a lot of investment but it's all tax deductible. I made almost $10K this year. If I can push that up by 20% my mortgage will be covered. My pricing is exactly where it should be for my area so without raising my prices I am definitely going to need more bookings.

Unfortunately I lost 3 repeat clients this past year. First one the dog died, Second, they moved much further away and Third the Owner stopped using Rover.

Time to hustle up some clients!!

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answered 2017-01-23 18:56:12 -0500

I think realistically, I would like to average 2 new clients a month (24 for the year), with an 80% retention and re-book rate. I only do this part-time for now, so I'm setting a goal of $7,200 for the year.
This makes sense in my current area and also in the area I plan to move to later in the year.

Now, I'll look back on this next January and will be pleased or saddened. :)

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