What do I do with a no show?

asked 2016-12-11 15:01:04 -0600


I had a Meet and Greet scheduled for today (Sunday, December 11th 2016). The pet parent is not here. There has been no communication between us besides a phone call from me clarifying some information. She didn't acknowledge the Meet and Greet. All texts were not acknowledged. Let me clarify: Since we were under a snow storm warning yesterday, I offered to reschedule the meeting. I was trying to be mindful of her safety. She is a Rover sitter as well from Chicago, IL How do I archieve the request? I don't want this to negatively impact me.


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answered 2016-12-12 08:44:16 -0600

This has happened to me a few times. If they never acknowledged the M&G, I would consider it not scheduled. In any case, just archive it, mark as owner's plans changed, and move on.

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answered 2016-12-11 16:16:34 -0600

Hi, Mary. I hope I am understanding this correctly. If the potential new client did not acknowledge the meet and greet, I would not say that it was scheduled in the first place. Sometimes there are clients who reach out requesting services who never respond afterwards. I would imagine in these cases they've either had a change of plans or found a family member/friend to care for their pets instead. You should be able to archive their request from your Inbox. I wouldn't stress about your ratings, not all reservations will go through!

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answered 2016-12-12 06:36:19 -0600

I have had a couple no shows even when they were confirmed. I always follow up the day before as a reminder and request notification if there are any changes in their plans or need to cancel. I try to contact the no shows within 10 minutes of not arriving. It is frustrating but just archive it as owners plans changed. Sorry that happened to you but just be prepared because it does happen.

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