How long did it take before you got your very first client?

asked 2016-11-23 21:58:44 -0600

After completing your profile, being approved, etc., how long did it take before you got your first client?

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answered 2016-11-24 07:59:00 -0600

HI Sara!

Welcome to Rover! I hope you don't mind, but I took a peek at your profile, and it looks great! It is thorough, with good pics, and you have one testimonial....so you're off to a good start. Did you take the Rover 101 quiz yet? If not, go to your Dashboard, on the lower left side (in blue letters) click on Take Rover 101. Read through (and print if needed) then at the bottom of the screen click on Take the Quiz. Once you complete/pass Rover 101, you'll get the Rover 101 badge on your profile, and you'll be able to get 100 free business cards from the Rover store. (You may have to call Rover Support about the free cards at 888-453-7889).

You can then take your business cards around your service area and drop them off at local vet clinics, groomers, and pet supply stores. I always keep some in my purse, so if I end up standing in a long line somewhere and start talking to others in line, I can give them my card.

I'm heavy into advertising my services either online, or in person, so it is an ongoing thing for me as a full time sitter. You should think about advertising on your local buy/sell/trade page(s) on Facebook. It only takes a few minutes to set up and it's FREE!

To answer your question of how long it takes, it depends on your area and how many other sitters are active there. For me, it took a few weeks after my profile went live when I got my first request. Some other sitters, it only took days. I suggest you have the Rover app on your phone, and have the notifications/ringtone set as something different than your normal ringtone, so no matter where you are, you'll know that the notification is from Rover...then reply as soon as you can, as many potential clients like their requests answered right away, and response rate does show on your profile.

I hope you find this information useful. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for you helpful response! I did take the quiz, I'm just waiting for the badge to show up. =) I had no idea we got free business cards, so that will help! Thank you again!!

Sara R.'s profile image Sara R.  ( 2016-11-24 08:38:57 -0600 ) edit

I didn't know about the cards either, thank you!

Debi K.'s profile image Debi K.  ( 2016-11-29 00:46:22 -0600 ) edit
answered 2016-12-18 23:32:03 -0600

The first two hours our profile went live, we got three requests!! But it was also the holiday season so call it lucky.

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answered 2016-11-27 00:36:35 -0600

I have been on Rover for over a year and have not yet been booked. It's a bit frustrating as my business has taken off on another site that I signed up for at the same time.

My profile, I think, is quite good. My calendar is ALWAYS up to date. I've successfully solicited reviews from 4 of my clients outside Rover. The price I charge on Rover is 50% less than my normal price (because I'm trying to get bookings/reviews). And still, nothing.

Competition on Rover is fierce. And my profile is pages and pages down in search results. That's why I figure I haven't been booked. I'm not quite sure what else to do at this point - I was turned down by RoverGo, because I don't have tons of availability (because I am usually booked with clients that I've found elsewhere), which I think just means my profile is pushed down even further in search results.

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answered 2016-11-24 19:57:15 -0600

couple weeks for me

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