Client doesnt look at your profile?

asked 2016-11-04 14:29:12 -0600

I've had potential clients who message me for dog boarding.. but then with further conversation, it seems like they're surprised that I have 2 other dogs at home. Ar this point, they feel like I am not fit for them anymore. It just seems to me that they don't even look at my profile when it is clearly stated there I own dogs and I even have pictures of them. Should I ask them first if they had seen and read my profile?

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answered 2016-11-04 14:33:46 -0600

This has happened to me more times than I can count. They don't read the profile, they don't look at my calendar.

In your case, I would mention it in your first message to them. Say something like, "as my profile states, I have 2 other dogs at home. If that is acceptable to you, I would like to arrange a meeting prior to accepting your request, just to make sure I am the best sitter/walker/etc for your Fido." That way they know up front. I read your profile and your 2 dogs are the first thing you mention, which is great.

When some requests a stay for times that I have marked on my calendar as booked/unavailable, I politely respond with Rover's canned message and add, As shown on my calendar, I am not available...

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I do the same thing except asking about crate/kenneling at night. I've learned the hard way to ask all the questions up front before booking so I know exactly what I'm inviting into my home.

Gretchen A.'s profile image Gretchen A.  ( 2017-04-11 10:05:52 -0600 ) edit
answered 2016-11-04 21:02:25 -0600

I agree most clients don't read the profile, they just go to the first sitter on the search results. In my experience they are surprised I charge more for additional pets. I try to screen them as much as possible the politely decline if I can tell on the first interaction it's not a good fit. Time is money, don't waste either! Good luck.

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answered 2016-11-06 14:42:30 -0600

Back when I did boarding almost no one would read the parts where I said I had 3 cats... so I would bring it up immediately and say something like: 'Thanks for your message! Does Sparky get along with cats because I have three.' And basically I would just mention it as if it wasn't on my profile. Can't hurt.

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answered 2016-11-05 01:11:50 -0600

The part that really stinks is Rover penalizes our Performance Scores because of Owners who don't read profiles.

I highly recommend calling Rover Support to complain that you don't appreciate having to turn down a request because an Owner didn't read your profile as that hurts your score. They'll give you a song and dance that it doesn't make that much difference blah, blah, blah. But seriously, they can't have it both ways. Either the scores matter or they don't. Enough of us have to complain about taking a hit to our scores because of Owners making mistakes which is completely out of our control so should not affect our Performance scores.

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answered 2016-11-11 00:52:41 -0600

I dont mind if they dont read or book stays because i am always able to respond quicky to their messages and the response time for requests shows up on your profile. But this is normal most people dont read the profiles.

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answered 2016-11-09 13:17:18 -0600

I have the same problem. They don't check my calendar and I'm already booked or unavailable for other reasons. And I have to reject them politely. Actually I had my dog boarding deactivated (that's my main service) cause I was traveling September/October and I had to reject four requests. I'm now waiting for Rover to get my account back to normal without any positive results. It's frustrating!

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