Have you done 'practice' drop-in visits before the actual series of visits for a client?

asked 2016-09-06 17:03:37 -0500

And do you do extended stay rates for long periods of visits?

My client is a yoga teacher and seems to have intense ideas about how his dog should bond... he and his partner want me to walk with him and the two dogs 1x a week leading up to the stay (and it would be 6 weeks until) and 1x feeding and walking them by myself each week. They say that they'd pay me obviously but I didn't get into the nitty gritty yet; I was a little baffled. The actual series of visits for when they go away would be 2x a day for 13 days.

Have any of you experienced anything like this? I feel like it should be okay but it seems... a bit much? One of their dogs is a bit less quick to trust but no serious issues. I don't even know what to charge them; there are so many visits that I feel like I should reduce the rates but I wonder how you guys approach pricing and lots of visits?

Anyway, long ramble here and hodgepodge of thoughts.

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