Is it possible to block an owner from future requests?

asked 2016-05-23 11:18:40 -0500

Hi all, I've gotten a couple of weird/spammy requests (someone messaged me with a "stay request" then said in a message that they didn't need pet sitting at all, just wanted to know if I wanted to foster a dog...!) It was really strange, and also I know that declined requests make you come up lower in rankings, but hers was not even a real request!

This could also be good when a dog owner or dog isn't a good fit. I had a difficult experience with a dog, and while I completed that stay, I certainly won't be accepting another stay with that dog. I'd like to skip the awkwardness of them requesting me and having to say "No, because I don't want to" rather than "No, I'm not available." (Not hypothetical - that owner did message me again...and I just said I wasn't available.)

If there's a way to "Decline all future requests" or "block this owner from requesting me" I'd be interested!

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I reported them to a Rover and asked them to block the person.

Mary C.'s profile image Mary C.  ( 2016-05-25 08:33:15 -0500 ) edit

Recommendations for owners you don't want to work with again because their homes are so unsanitary that you don't want to go there again?

Jodi A.'s profile image Jodi A.  ( 2020-09-21 15:17:38 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2016-05-26 08:20:49 -0500

I think Deb is absolutely correct. Spammy requests can definitely be reported to Rover. The Rover team will evaluate accounts that may not be a good fit for the Rover community.

For dogs that you are not interested in booking again, that's definitely a conversation to have with the owner. Many pet owners might want to use you as a regular sitter if they think it's a good match. At pick-up, I'll mention that the dog had a great time and give a recap, but I'll add something along the lines of "I noticed that he seemed fearful of my other dogs/had a lot of separation anxiety/had several accidents/etc,etc". Then I recommend that the owner look for a sitter that might be better suited for the dog. I also give them the Rover Match number, which allows them to have Rover match them to a sitter with that particular asset (yard, no dogs, home all day, etc.).

To make it less awkward, I also offer to stay in touch to answer any questions about finding a new sitter or offer any recommendations on sitters that I know personally. So far, I haven't offended any of the pet owners that I've had this conversation with. Most are really thankful that I care enough about their pet to point out needs that they may not have thought about.

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answered 2017-06-23 21:59:37 -0500

Definitely need a block feature LIKE THEY HAD ON DOGVACAY, as soon as possible.

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Agree! I also wish there was a way to block a specific breed.

Stephanie P.'s profile image Stephanie P.  ( 2017-11-26 13:22:15 -0500 ) edit

I 100% agree with this! I’m having the same issue with a few breeds/mixes.

Stephanie D.'s profile image Stephanie D.  ( 2019-07-10 17:51:13 -0500 ) edit
answered 2016-05-23 12:05:30 -0500

I don't think there is, but certainly you could ask Rover support to consider it as an enhancement.

I understand the complexity with not agreeing to care for some dogs more than once. However, I think Rover would advise you to have that conversation. Many sitters on this forum have shared that at pick-up, they just stated while they enjoyed caring the dog (and mention something good), the dog would be better matched, relaxed, and have a better time (fill in the blank - at their own home or a home without any other pets, etc...) They make it sound like the problem is with them, not the dog.

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answered 2016-10-19 22:02:06 -0500

I wish we could have a block feature. I was contacted by an owner for a regular dog sitting job but he was too far away for me to get to regularly so I turned him down and archived the request, stating that I wasn't available. Except he's still contacting me, asking how much more I want and if I know anyone else I can recommend (I don't since I'm new to the area and I don't know why he's asking me when Rover has a whole list of other available sitters).

So for now, I am just ignoring his messages and debating if it's worth reporting to Rover. This would be easier if the block feature was already available!

Sometimes you don't need to have a conversation before blocking.

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Recommend that he uses Rover Match and they'll handle him. Absolutely talk to Rover about this because rejecting requests does affect your site rank

Sarah B.'s profile image Sarah B.  ( 2016-10-20 08:32:04 -0500 ) edit

I would like a block feature as well. I received a day care request, responded immediately, he asked for meet n greet because of "bad" experience with another sitter, I gave him many options, he said he would get back to me and didn't. Then got nasty when I asked him the day before.

Susan G.'s profile image Susan G.  ( 2018-09-19 12:53:20 -0500 ) edit


Betty N.'s profile image Betty N.  ( 2019-07-30 17:24:02 -0500 ) edit
answered 2020-01-26 09:00:52 -0500

You can go to the owner's profile, scroll down to where it shows the Rover number, there is a drop-down menu to choose when the person can call your Rover number - choose "Never". :)

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answered 2020-11-03 22:59:36 -0500

Thank you for your post. I was really hoping for a block feature as well. I'm having issues with an owner- they don't provide food for their dogs, the dogs are not trained, the owner has reached out for personal religious requests, and now (third time we've watched the dogs) is claiming they didn't understand how the dates worked and have to extend the stay, but is not accepting the modification. I don't feel like it's enough to report to Rover yet, and it's not really a dog match thing, so I don't know how to bring up that I don't want to watch them anymore.

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