Top 10 Male Dog Names

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Buddy
  5. Milo
  6. Bear
  7. Rocky
  8. Duke
  9. Tucker
  10. Jack

Top 10 Female Dog Names

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Lucy
  4. Daisy
  5. Zoe
  6. Lily
  7. Lola
  8. Bailey
  9. Stella
  10. Molly

The Most Popular Male and Female Dog Names

Top 5 Female Dog Names

Bella tops the list of female dog names for another year, with Luna, Lucy, and Daisy following suit. New to the top five this year is Zoe, which didn’t even crack the top ten last year.

A dog pulling on a rope. The top 5 female dog names of 2021 are: Bella, Luna, Lucy, Daisy, Zoe.

Top 5 Male Dog Names

Max has taken the top spot for male dog names again this year and Charlie maintains second position for another year as well. Milo moved up from fifth place last year to third place this year. Buddy is holding strong in fourth, while Rocky jumped from seventh last year to make the top five in 2021.

A puppy playing with tennis balls. The top 5 male dog names of 2021 are Max, Charlie, Milo, Buddy and Rocky.

The Top Trending Dog Names of 2021

COVID-Inspired Names Continue

The pandemic unfortunately did not end with 2020 and neither did the trend of COVID-inspired dog names. The dog name Fauci is up an incredible 270% in 2021, along with Covid (up 35%) and Zoom (up 443%). But pandemic fatigue may be setting in: The name Covi is trending down this year.

A German Shepherd wearing a mask for Covid-19 inspired dog names

We also have to give a shoutout to a few dogs with truly unique names we’re loving. Honorable mentions go to the dogs out there named Pfizer, Vax, and Dolly Parton.

A picture of a real dog named Fauci A dog on Rover lovingly named (Dogtor) Fauci

This Year's Tokyo Olympics Fueled New Dog Names

The incredible athletes of the Tokyo Olympics inspired lots of dog names this year, most notably the name Suni, after Olympic Gold Medalist Suni Lee, which is up 113%. 

The top Olympics-inspired dog name is Katie, followed by Tom, Naomi, Simone, and Suni in fifth place overall. Honorable mention: USA women’s basketball took home the gold medal and we saw a dog named Sue Bird for the first time.

A Golden Retriever in the swimming pool with a gold medal and a Corgi in a gymnast outfit at the Olympics.

Covid and the Tokyo Olympics Aren’t the Only Inspiration for Dog Names This Year

Dog names reflect pet parents’ interests, passions, and personalities, from a diverse array of inspirations like the cartoons they watched as kids to dream travel destinations.

US Dog Owners Are Motivated by Travel Destinations Like France and Italy

With so much time at home during the pandemic and many delaying their international travel plans, dog names with international influence are rising in popularity. 

The dog name Eiffel is the fifth most trending dog name of the year, up 1,363%. Among the most trending of the French persuasion are the names Dior (+153%), Caviar (+463%), Dijon (+513%), Baguette (+73%), Champagne (+1%), and Voltaire (+213%). Italian influences are also in the mix with Bologna and Gabanna trending up 163% and 363% respectively. 

2021 put the dog names Parma and Prosecco on the map. 

2021 Turned Up the Volume on Celebrity-Inspired Dog Names

The Korean boy band BTS swept the country with their catchy songs, incredible outfits, and unbeatable performances. Pet parents are into it! BTS-inspired dog names are up 32% overall this year. The most popular are Suga, Kim, V, and Jin, with Suga making the most traction, trending up 113%.

BTS aside, here are a few more of the stand-out trends:

  • Is Taylor Swift losing fandom? The names Taylor and Taylor Swift were both trending down in 2021. 
  • For the first time there are dogs named Aretha Franklin!
  • Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod joined the list this year.
  • We saw our first dog named Doja Cat in the US. 
  • 2021 put Armond on the map. Hello White Lotus!


Celebrity inspired dog names

Food and Beverage Dog Names Continue to Dominate in 2021

Dog names often reflect people’s interests, and that includes their favorite foods! We’ll dig into a few especially popular categories below, but we first had to acknowledge some of our favorite trending names this year, including Bento (+209%), Miso (+156%), Butter (+102%), and good ol’ Loaf (+180%). 

Meaty vs Plant-Based Dog Names

Dogs named after meats are trending up by 11% this year. The names Bacon, Brisket, Ham, Pork Chop, and Beef are the most popular in this category, but dogs named Beef are the #1 trending meat name, rising 180% in 2021. Close behind, Bologna is up 163%. We can’t talk about meat-themed names without mentioning that there are several dogs named Ham Bone.

So-called “meatless” names are trending up for dogs this year by 30%! The most popular names are Bean(s), Tofu, and Almond. Honorable mentions include Paneer and Tempeh.

We knew cauliflower was ever-popular in the US—cauliflower pizza crust anyone? But this trend made its way to pet names this year, too. Dogs named Cauliflower are trending up 163%.

Special shout out to the dogs named Pickles (+17%) and those with the name Ketchup (+343%).

Step Aside, Cookie! Raspberry, Guava, and Papaya Are Taking Over

Unlike 2020’s dog names, Chocolate, Muffin, and Cookie are trending down this year. Instead, dog parents are taking inspiration from their favorite fruits like Raspberry (+297%), Guava (+288%), Papaya (+233%), Grape (+213%), and Pear (+163%). While these names are trending the most and gaining traction, the most popular fruit names by volume are:

  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Coconut
  • Lemon
  • Cherry

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Breakfast Names Are on the Rise

There are some serious breakfast enthusiasts out there and we have the dog names to show for it. These are the breakfast dog names trending the most this year:

  • Eggo (+106%)
  • Toast (+37%)
  • Cappuccino (+25%)
  • Waffle (+7%)
  • Bagel (+10%)

Dogs Named Mai Tai and Pimms? We’re In

Many alcohol-inspired dog names are trending in 2021, with Port (+213%), Mai Tai (+213%), and Pimms (+163%) leading the pack. Conversely, dog names like Wine, Gimlet, Becks, and Truly are all trending down. 

Let’s get caffeinated: Boba (+105%), Fanta (+63%), Cola (+44%), Cappuccino (+25%), and Chai (+26%) are trending up among dogs this year while Tea, Monster, and Pepsi are trending down.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), there are no dogs named White Claw on Rover. 

Dog Owners Are More Likely To Choose Marijuana-Inspired Names Than Cat Owners

Dog parents took inspiration from marijuana while cat parents did not in 2021. 

  • Reefer is up 763% among dog names. 
  • Other weed-influenced names like Mary Jane (+48%) and Doobie (+4%) are trending up, while Ganja, Dank, and Blaze are trending down. 

A dog wearing a personalized collar from the Rover Store

These Dogs Are Ready for Blast Off

2021 is a big year for all things space, including dog names. The top trending space-inspired names for dogs in the US are Solstice (+213%), Aster (+195%), and Nebula (+80%). 

For the first time, we saw dogs named Elon Musk and Bezos in 2021.

Polls Show Political Dog Names Are In

The dog names Joe (+24%), Biden (+863%), Kamala (+3%), and Harris (+17%) are trending up in 2021.

TLDR: There Are Now Dogs Named Bitcoin

The top trending tech-related dog names are:

  • Amazon (+363%)
  • Google (+63%)
  • Siri (+131%)
  • Doge (+106%)

For the first time we saw Bitcoin appear on our dog names list.

Grab Some Popcorn: These Names Get Entertaining

From reality TV to Marvel, movies, TV shows, and music are often some of the biggest motivators behind new dog names. Some are nostalgic—characters people grew up watching—while others are new in 2021.

TV Character Names We’re Watching

The long-awaited Friends reunion got fans naming their precious pups after their favorite characters. Dogs named Phoebe Buffay—full name—are up an incredible 963% this year. Over-the-top character Janice is also trending up 138% in 2021. Can we get an “Oh. My. Gawd?!”

The top Friends-inspired dog names in 2021 are Phoebe Buffay at #1, followed by Joey, Gunther (in memory of the beloved actor James Michael Tyler), Chandler, and finally pivoting to Ross in fifth.

The cast of Friends (dog edition) on the famous couch.

Bridgerton, the steamy Netflix hit of late 2020, continued to inspire with dogs named Daphne trending up in 2021. For the first time ever we saw a dog named Lady Whistledown.

Money Heist (Casa de Papel): This action-packed Netflix hit took the world by storm and we’re seeing that trend takeover dog names, too. Arturo (+238%), Moscow (+123%), Rio (+33%), and Raquel (+23%) are trending up this year, but we also saw dogs named Tokyo and Berlin.

Game of Thrones: 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the first episode of Game of Thrones. While many names are trending down, the most popular GOT dog names this year are Arya (-32%), Snow (+37%), Stark (-62%), Sansa (-68%), Dragon (+2%), Daenerys (+28%) and Cersei (-106%).

The Mandalorian & Star Wars: The #1 trending dog name of 2021 is Grogu!

A dog on Rover named Grogu A dog on Rover named after the beloved Mandalorian character, Grogu

Excitement all around for these hits! The Mandalorian and Star Wars-themed dog names are trending up this year.

Trending Mandalorian and Star Wars themed dog names.

Reality TV

Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Despite their TV series coming to an end, dog names inspired by the Kardashian-Jenner family were up in 2021. Of the Kardashian-Jenner family, momager Kris Jenner seems to have the most influence with dogs named Kris up 1,663% in 2021. Dogs named Yeezy were trending up while the name Kanye was trending down in 2021. 

Survivor: Is the decades-old series having a renaissance? Some would say so. The most popular Survivor-inspired dog names are:

  • Ozzy (+42%)
  • Shan (+63%)
  • Tony
  • Coach (+18%)
  • Jeff
  • Sandra
  • Rob
  • Yul
  • Parvati

Love Island: Have you binged a fun TV show during the pandemic? These dog owners did. Cozy up with your pet on the couch and watch what happens when these islanders find love in the villa. The most popular Love Island-inspired dog names are Teddy, Chloe, and Ollie. BUT, a few others are moving upward in the ranks in 2021, including Nas, Callum, and Kaz. 

90-Day Fiancé: Shout out to 2021 for putting the dog name Big Ed on the map.

Movies Inspired Creative Pet Names This Year

Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio known for feature films like Totoro and Spirited Away, is an inspiration for dog names in the US. The most popular Studio Ghibli-inspired dog names are Kiki, Haku, and Mei. Dogs named Sen are trending up 197% in 2021. 

  • Marvel super villains reigned supreme for pet names in 2021, with Zemo (up 763%) #1 for dogs and Viper (+276%) the most popular for cats. 
  • Disney’s Wanda Vision inspired pet parents in 2021, with dogs named Wanda up 120% and the name Vision up 143%. 
  • Fans of Marvel’s Black Panther honored the tragic passing of lead actor Chadwick Boseman by naming their dogs after him. Dogs named Chadwick were up 73% and Boseman up 1,063% for 2021. 
  • Marvel’s Black Widow inspired dog names in 2021 with dogs named Alexei up 97%, while Yelena made the list for the first time. 

Raya is up 327% for dogs, a nod to the Disney+ movie, Raya and the Last Dragon.

A person walking a dog, wearing a personalized tote bag from the Rover Store

Goodbye Boston Brady, Hello Tampa Tom

We see great sports-inspired dog names every year and this year is no different, from dogs named after a pet parent’s favorite football team to a beloved basketball player. 

We first saw the name Kobe, after the late Kobe Bryant, trending in 2020. Now, Kobe is the 76th most popular dog name in the country in 2021 and is trending up 31%. 

Football-inspired names are particularly popular this year. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sea-who? Seahawks. Wide receiver DK [Metcalf] is the #1 top trending (+563%) dog name inspired by football. 
  • The 49ers tight end [George] Kittle is up 63%. 
  • Chiefs QB [Patrick] Mahomes is also up 63%. 
  • Brady is trending up in his new hometown, Tampa, while trending down in his old stomping grounds, Boston. 

Top 100 Female Dog Names

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Lucy
  4. Daisy
  5. Lola
  6. Sadie
  7. Molly
  8. Bailey
  9. Stella
  10. Maggie
  11. Chloe
  12. Penny
  13. Nala
  14. Zoey
  15. Lily
  16. Coco
  17. Sophie
  18. Rosie
  19. Ellie
  20. Ruby
  21. Piper
  22. Mia
  23. Roxy
  24. Gracie
  25. Millie
  26. Willow
  27. Lulu
  28. Pepper
  29. Ginger
  30. Harley
  31. Abby
  32. Winnie
  33. Nova
  34. Kona
  35. Riley
  36. Zoe
  37. Lilly
  38. Dixie
  39. Lady
  40. Izzy
  41. Hazel
  42. Layla
  43. Olive
  44. Charlie
  45. Sasha
  46. Maya
  47. Honey
  48. Athena
  49. Lexi
  50. Cali
  51. Annie
  52. Belle
  53. Princess
  54. Phoebe
  55. Emma
  56. Ella
  57. Cookie
  58. Marley
  59. Callie
  60. Scout
  61. Roxie
  62. Remi
  63. Minnie
  64. Maddie
  65. Dakota
  66. Leia
  67. Poppy
  68. Josie
  69. Harper
  70. Mila
  71. Angel
  72. Holly
  73. Ava
  74. Ivy
  75. Mocha
  76. Gigi
  77. Paisley
  78. Koda
  79. Cleo
  80. Penelope
  81. Bonnie
  82. Missy
  83. Frankie
  84. Sugar
  85. Aspen
  86. Xena
  87. Shelby
  88. Fiona
  89. Dolly
  90. Georgia
  91. Shadow
  92. Delilah
  93. Peanut
  94. Grace
  95. Rose
  96. Skye
  97. Pearl
  98. Jasmine
  99. Juno
  100. Trixie

Top 100 Male Dog Names

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Milo
  4. Buddy
  5. Rocky
  6. Bear
  7. Leo
  8. Duke
  9. Teddy
  10. Tucker
  11. Beau
  12. Oliver
  13. Jack
  14. Winston
  15. Ollie
  16. Toby
  17. Jax
  18. Blue
  19. Finn
  20. Louie
  21. Murphy
  22. Loki
  23. Moose
  24. Gus
  25. Bruno
  26. Ace
  27. Apollo
  28. Hank
  29. Archie
  30. Kobe
  31. Henry
  32. Thor
  33. Simba
  34. Bailey
  35. Scout
  36. Diesel
  37. Jake
  38. Lucky
  39. Buster
  40. Otis
  41. Jackson
  42. Benny
  43. Chewy
  44. Jasper
  45. Oscar
  46. Bandit
  47. Rex
  48. Oreo
  49. Riley
  50. Baxter
  51. Cody
  52. Coco
  53. Rocco
  54. Tank
  55. Prince
  56. Ranger
  57. King
  58. Marley
  59. Roscoe
  60. Sam
  61. Oakley
  62. Copper
  63. Gizmo
  64. Chase
  65. Luke
  66. Boomer
  67. Bruce
  68. Frankie
  69. Chance
  70. Rusty
  71. Hunter
  72. Ozzy
  73. Tyson
  74. Romeo
  75. Rudy
  76. Mac
  77. Bubba
  78. Peanut
  79. Kai
  80. Chico
  81. Joey
  82. Atlas
  83. Goose
  84. Samson
  85. Chief
  86. Levi
  87. Titan
  88. Frank
  89. Axel
  90. Brutus
  91. Ghost
  92. Brady
  93. Cosmo
  94. Scooby
  95. Chip
  96. Chester
  97. Wally
  98. Rufus
  99. Dash
  100. Louis