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3 years, 3 mo. old - Miniature Schnauzer

Oscar's Owner

Jason K.

Oscar is a ridiculously sweet, cuddly, playful guy. He's some kind of mini schnauzer mix and is about a year to a year and a half old. He gets along well with other dogs...he spends the day at work playing with other dogs (big and small). He does not bark unless he sees a friend he is excited to play with. Then he may let out 1 or 2 barks, but otherwise is extremely quiet.
Special Requirements:
Oscar goes out at about 9:30-10 and will sleep til 7:30-8. The longest he has slept is 11 hours after a camping trip. He needs to go out once during the day too. He must stay on a leash unless he's in a fenced in spot. He easily gets distracted by other dogs (thinks all want to play with him) and will run. Other than that his only requirements are belly rubs and affection. He is very sweet and loves people.
Oscar's Stats:
Gender: Male
Weight: 15lbs.
Age: 3 years, 3 mo. old
Implant: Yes
Neutered: True
House Trained: Yes
He just needs to go out before bed, in the morning, and sometime mid-day.
Gets along well with:
Children: Yes
He has spent a lot of time with a 7 month old, several 2 year olds and a 4 year old. As long as they are not aggressive (pull his hair or hit) he loves kids and will try to lick their faces.
Other dogs: Yes
He goes to work every day and is around dogs of all sizes. Loves them. The only time you might hear him bark is if he sees a dog he wants to play with. Otherwise he is extremely quiet.
Cats: No
Unknown. He has met neighborhood cats but we don't how he is off leash with them.

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