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raleigh, NC

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Sarah A. provides

Home Sitting

from $35 per night
80% response rate Sitter responds to most requests within 24 hours
Within a few hours Sitter responds within a few hours
60% of stays Sitter sends photos through Rover on most stays
Sarah A.'s Home

  • House
  • Fenced yard
  • Non-smoking home
  • Has cats
  • Has 1 dog
  • No children in home
  • Dogs allowed on bed
  • Dogs allowed on furniture

About Sarah A.:
10 years of experience

Hi! I am here to provide you peace of mind with your animal in a comfortable and loving place for you pet to stay while you are out of town. I always treat every dog as my own and include a approved tag as well as a glow light for night time takeouts to insure safety. I have over two years of experience training dogs and have been certified by Animal Behavior College, I would be willing to add training costs while you beloved pet stays with me. I have a large house with greyhounds that stay with me and a large outdoor pen and the house is completely puppy proof! Wanting to add balance to your dogs life? My greyhounds are great baby-sitters and have helped numerous dogs learn to behave and be calm in a household situation! My household also includes a wonderful Italian Greyhound (grandma of the house) and a very tolerant older Kitty named Salem! The gated system in my house keeps all dogs safe at all times and insures they have a great experience!

About this sitter:
I am certainly a huge animal lover. From the time I got my first horse to my first dog, I always wanted them to look their best and feel their best. Now I have the greyhounds and my love continues!

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

I have been a dog lover my whole life. I have owned dogs since I was very young, and now I have turned my love into a profession my becoming a dog trainer. I love helping other owners learn more about their dogs and have a more enjoyable relationship with their dogs. There is nothing more rewarding than to see a dog owner who has given up become a proud and willing dog owner as their dog transforms! My dogs Evan, Toby (both greyhounds) and Sophia (miniature greyhound) are great pack members and very laid back and sleep most of the day and are always happy to welcome new pack members into the house! My cat Salem is also a great pack member who is very tolerant of dogs and has no front claws but he will correct a puppy if need be!

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

I would like to know about medical issues, any behavioral issues and just an overall personality profile. I do not care about the breed, all are welcome.

Do you have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?

I do have reliable transport and live very close to many veterinary hospitals and emergency hospitals.

Are you comfortable administering medication?

I am comfortable

How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

each dog will be with me and my pack, time may very but they will get plenty of attention and play time.

If you have a backyard, please describe it.

I have a large backyard with some trees and it is very flat, really good for running and playing.

Where will my dog sleep?

It is your choice, your dog can sleep in its kennel, or I have a custom gate that keeps the dogs in the sunroom (we use it as our living room) where they will have access to many orthopedic dog beds.

Where will you take my dog on walks? Tell me about it.

I walk the dogs around the neighborhood but I also make frequent trips to Lake Johnson nearby where there is a 2 mile trail around it

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 4 dogs, from multiple clients at a time

  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (15 - 40lbs)
  • Large (40 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (100lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
  • Dogs who can wait at least 4-8 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy: Strict

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Age: 8 years, 11 mo. old
Weight: 70 lbs.
Breed: Greyhound

Evan is the most laid back dog and just loves hanging out on the couch all day!

45 Reviews

Yai A.

November 29

its was a good stay.

Laura P.

November 25

Sarah R.

October 10

Kristen D.

October 2

Jenny Y.

September 2

Sarah was very accommodating and sent regular updates. Pickles seemed very happy.

Tracy A.

August 1

Kitzel had a great stay at Sarah's. I appreciated all the pictures sent showing me how much fun they had. She was wiped out when she came home!

Brehyan K.

July 22

We got pics while they were staying with Sarah and all 3 dogs were put in the same room. We came home to happy puppies.

Misty G.

July 3

Sarah was amazing! The dogs were not locked up in their crates all day long - they too were enjoying a vacation. I love that Sarah sent pictures throughout their stay. My greyhound needed medication for allergies and she did not miss a beat! Would highly recommend her for any breed but beyond a doubt for greys and Iggy's!! Thanks so much!!

Nanette M.

June 28

Heather Y.

June 10


Cameron M.

August 14
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