Kayle S.

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I am an experienced pet-sitter and certified veterinary technician looking to offer my time as a pet-sitter. I will come to your home and spoil your furry loved ones in their own familiar environment while you are away. I can either take care of them while you are at work during the day or over a period of time while you are on vacation. Prices negotiable. Please contact for references.

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Age: 4 years, 8 mo. old
Weight: 26 lbs.
Breed: Finnish Spitz

Vixen is mainly copper with a white patch on her chest as well as on both of her back paws. She suffered from an animal cruelty case, receiving an injury to pelvic region and her right eye, leaving her with loss of vision on that side. She is wary of strangers at first and will bark at you when you first come in but she doesn't bite. Vixen is very sweet and calm; she has her 2 favorite toys, her "babies", that she will play with while ignoring all other toys. She is a voracious chewer, rawhide and bones disappear quickly, but does not chew on furniture or other non-toy/treat items.

4 Reviews

She was supposed to walk the dogs in the morning, evening and at night. I came back knowing from my roommate that Kayle didn't come two mornings. Boonied peed in his crate which is an obvious sign that Kayle didn't do her job. I tried to contact her but she disappeared. Right now she still has the key to my apartment. I don't know if she will ever get back to me.

Qingyun P.

February 28

Kayle did a very good job taking care of my two dogs.


Jeff K.

January 18
Kayle was a big help when our family had to leave for an emergency. She came in and took care of Heidi, our ornery Bernese Mountain dog. Our dog bonded with her instantly and seemed to really enjoy the time Kayle spent with her. She didn't even seem anxious when we got back home. I highly recommend Kayle.

Nara B.

January 25
Kayle does not lie when she says she is looking to spoil your pet, as my fiancé and I could say from experience! We came home from a weekend away, to find both dogs happily chewing on bones Kayle gave them. She is friendly, a true dog lover, and trust worthy. I would recommend Kayle to anyone searching for an extremely reliable dog sitter!
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