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McMurray-Huntingdon, Nashville, TN

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Traveling Dog Sitting

$30 per night
About Cindy S.:

I am a true lover of dogs and would love the opportunity to take care of your babies . All the dog pictures on my site belong to friends of mine that I have personally had the pleasure to love on and and take care of them. I ran a vet clinic for a couple of years and I was also a caregiver for my father for about 6 years so I have a lot of love and compassion. I live in the Nashville/ Brentwood area and can provide excellent reference upon request. Please read my testimonials on the site. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Price: $30/night
Radius: 10 miles (see map)
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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Kecia S. July 10
cindy has watched my home and beloved elderly dog for years. she is probably the best i have ever hired. her love and compassion for all animals is unparalleled. my dog, Asha, gets very upset when i leave and never eats, BUT for cindy, she will. however, cindy has to help her onto the couch and sit with her and hand feed her every bite. Cindy was the one who discovered if she snuggled w asha on the couch, and hand fed her, she would eat. NO other pet sitter has ever gone to this length to ensure my dogs happiness and well being. cindy also walked asha when she was younger and helped carry her to potty as she got older (down 4 flights of steps!!!!!) Asha is 45 lbs, so this is not a small feat. cindy also cared for plants (better than I did) and overall did a fantastic job. i am heartbroken she moved away :(.. (Collapse)
I've known Cindy for over 11 years and she has taken amazing care of two of the dogs I've had in that time. One was a huge drooly lab :) and the other our feisty boxer that doesn't love everyone or everything. Her extensive knowledge and beyond caring spirit was perfect for both my high maintenance dogs! They probably treated better in her care than when we're home with them! Lol! Cindy always goes the extra mile when in doubt! She's simply amazing! (Collapse)
Peter C. July 11
Cindy watched my boy Remi many times and was always trustworthy, reliable and responsible with him. I never felt worried or nervous when he was with her. Though I missed him like crazy, I knew he was in goods hands and well cared for. Thanks Cindy!
Faron L. August 14
Cindy Self was wonderful with my Boston Terrier, Jackson. I treat him like a son and I trusted Cindy to give him the same love and attention. I have left Jackson in her care a number of times and am always comfortable knowing he is being well taken care of. Jackson loves her to death...he always gets so excited when he sees her.

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