Cheryl R. - Reiki pro animal handler & groomer

Grant Park, Athens, GA

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About Cheryl R.:
4 years of experience

Hi there! I am a professional Animal Caretaker and Handler and Reiki I Practitioner with shelter, groomery, kennel, dog day care, animal hospital, and cattery experience. Over the course of 2+ years working in professional settings under the supervision of DMDs and professional groomers, I decided to branch out and start my own pet sitting and dog walking business. I began offering extended stay pet sitting in 2011 while living on Long Island, NY, where my discriminating clients ranged from the Hamptons to Sands Point. I have multiple professional references if requested. When your animals are in my charge, you can be sure that they are receiving not only LOVE, but professional and expert care.

I also offer full service in-home grooming, poop scooping, and pet taxi services during my stay with your animals. Please inquire about options and cost.

A little about me outside of my work with animals: I am a dedicated yoga practitioner, professional performing and teaching fire dancer, performance poet, an avid cook, and passionately dedicated to the welfare of our natural world.

Cheryl R.'s Experience:

*Years of experience working with animals in various professional situations

*Completed a 6-week course in dog handling/training with accredited teachers at Southampton Animal Shelter

*I have been involved in feral cat rescue for years and have owned/cared for reptiles, amphibians, and freshwater fish - menageries welcome!

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

I've been a dog lover my entire life - I was always the one to walk up to any and every dog on the street as a child! I naturally gravitated toward working with dogs. I have worked in medical, shelter, grooming, and care taking environments and lived in multi-dog households. I have also spent considerable time volunteering as a walker and handler/trainer for local animal shelters.

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

Temperament, health issues (medications, age, habits), and your dog's standard schedule. I am comfortable with all breeds toy to giant, but I am particularly fond of pit bulls, Cavaliers, and not-oft-seen breeds like Dalmations, with a soft spot for mixed breeds and rescues!

Do you have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?

Yes, I own a reliable and legal vehicle.

Are you comfortable administering medication?

Yes, I am comfortable and experienced in administering oral and injected medications (such as insulin for diabetic animals).

Are you willing to do additional tasks at my home while I'm away
(e.g., water plants, bring in the mail)?

Yes - my service includes plant maintenance and mail service if requested.

How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

I will be with your dog for hours each day during the course of walks, feeding time, play, and relax/cuddle time. This time will be spaced throughout the day - morning, day, and evening.

This sitter accepts:
Clients within: 59 miles (see map)
  • Dogs who can wait at least 0 to 2 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy:

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5 Reviews

Nicole T.

August 8

Cheryl was excellent. She cared for Banzai our pug while we were out of town for several days. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone in need of a dog walker / sitter.

Bonny S.

July 28

Cheryl was able to watch our two dachshunds on incredibly short notice and did a fantastic job! Highly recommended to anyone in the atlanta area!


Elaine D.

September 29
If your looking for a reliable, caring and trustworthy pet sitter, look no further then Cheryl! She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and she has years of experience behind her! You will be very satisfied with her service.

Kim F.

October 23
Cheryl recently stayed at the house and took care of two dogs and two cats. She was GREAT! I am so glad I found someone who loves animals so much and is willing to stay in the home.

Caine B.

October 23
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