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Greeley, CO

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Anita M. provides

Traveling Dog Sitting

$25 per night
100% response rate Sitter responds to all requests
Around an hour Sitter responds in around an hour
About Anita M.:

35 years experience in caring for dogs, cats & horses. I have owned horses for 23 years. I have done many house/pet-sitting jobs with as many as 25 horses (I have also taken care of cows in the past). I'm also a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College (See my listing on this page): ........_trainer_search_result.asp?State=Colorado

Services include and not limited to:

Feeding, cleaning & mucking, mail pick-up, errands, walking dogs, working on any canine behavior issues.

Great references, reasonable rates. I will treat your 4-legged family members as my own.

Call Anita at ........

Please note: If you live more than 10 miles from Greeley, I must be able to stay overnight and bring my dog with me. If that doesn't work for you, I'm probably not a good choice.

Anita M.'s Experience:

Volunteered at/for animal shelters and worked with local rescue groups at mobile adoptions.

Taught group dog obedience classes locally 2008-09 at Camp Bow Wow and J & T Feed in Greeley, CO

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

When I was growing up, we were rarely without pets - mostly dogs, so...I guess for 50+ years.

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

What is the owners typical routine/schedule like as it relates to their dogs? Are there any issues I might be able to help with in regards to training, behavior correction, etc.? No breed preferences.

I do need to be able to bring my dog on most sitting jobs, which I have done for other folks, so I just need to be able to make sure your dogs get along with mine. He is a very well-behaved, well-trained Welsh Corgi and has been around many dogs throughout his life.

Do you have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?


Are you comfortable administering medication?

Only orally or topically, no shots.

Are you willing to do additional tasks at my home while I'm away
(e.g., water plants, bring in the mail)?


How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

I prefer staying at the home. I am self-employed and home-based, so I would be with your dog the majority of the time. Because I have cats and horses, I would most likely just need to leave every 2-3 days for a maximum of 3-4 hours (my horses are boarded, so I don't do daily care with them).

Additional Information
Price: $25/night
Radius: 50 miles (see map)
Cancellation Policy: Moderate

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December 2
We were very pleased with our sitter, Anita! This is the first time we had to leave our pets home and we were a bit anxious about it. We met with Anita and her (beautiful) pup, Winnie before our trip. They were both wonderful and made us feel very calm about leaving. Anita talked at length to us about some tips to help with our young pup who is still learning how to be polite and calm. Since she is also board certified as a dog trainer, she offered to work with our Tomlin while sitting for us. Not only did we receive continuous updates and pictures while we were out of town, but we also came home to a calm, happy pup! And a nice bonus - our house was tidy and Anita even washed the bedding from the room she stayed in. We couldn't ask for more....happy pets, clean home! We will always contact Anita anytime we need a sitter. She is a very responsible, calm and caring person. The best!! (Collapse)
August 26
This was the first time we used Anita's services. She took great care of the dogs and place, and was very responsive to my check-ins. Looking forward to our next trip now knowing my critters will be in good hands!! Thanks, Anita!!
August 26
Cats, chickens, fish and turtles are all in good shape.
Anita took great care of our four animals while we were away. Thanks, Anita!
January 13
Anita was very helpful over the Christmas and New Years holidays. She pick up my cat, Monty, and he stayed with her for nearly two weeks. She sent pictures all the time. Monty even seemed a lil sad when we returned. He doesnt have other animals at the house, so im sure he missed his new buddies! I will definitely use Anita again!


Stephen S. December 18
Anita has pet sat for our family a number of times. It is great to know you have someone reliable when you leave to take care of your animals. We haven't always had that case. If there were any concerns, Anita was quick to touch base but for the most part, she is very aware of animals needs. We have horses as well as dogs and cats. I would recommend her sitting for anyone. Stephen Sampson (Collapse)
Lee W. March 24
If your looking for a great animal sitter, Anita is the best. She really loves the animals and takes really good care of them. We have used her many times, and our dogs are always happy to see her. Thanks Anita.
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