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Home Sitting

$30 per night
100% response rate Sitter responds to all requests within 24 hours
Around an hour Sitter responds in around an hour
80% of stays Sitter sends photos through Rover on most stays

Hannah's Happy Hounds Offers a $20 Discount Off Of Your Pup's 1st Stay With Us Through ROVER.COM. Contact me for the discount code prior to paying for your sit!

Our home, with a 3,000 sq. ft. fully fenced yard, is in NLV, off of Tropical & Revere, near Aliante. We are less than 5 minutes from the 170 acre Craig Ranch Regional Park, which is located at the NE corner of Craig Rd. & Commerce St. in North Las Vegas.

We are life-long dog lovers, and currently have an impossibly wonderful Yellow Lab as our best friend.

I am a free-lance writer, so I am at home most of the time. Your furry friend(s) will rarely if ever be left alone, & never kenneled unless you request it.

Jasper, a Yellow Lab, is the host dog here at Hannah's Happy Hounds. Although Jasper is primarily an indoor dog, he has free access to our huge, fenced back yard approx. 16 hours a day.

Our beloved Jasper is a family member, & your dog(s) will be treated as such, also. We will care for your beloved fur baby as per your instructions, & love on them as much as they would like.

You are welcome to bring anything that will make your dog more comfortable here, such as a bed, special toys, etc. If you kennel your dog(s) at night, we will do that, also.

Hannah's Happy Hounds is all about cuddles & caring.

I have extensive knowledge in all breeds of dogs, and worked as a veterinary assistant for 2 years.

You can leave your four footed friend(s) here at Hannah's Happy Hounds, resting in the fact that he/she will be kept happy & healthy.

We charge a bit more for 'high-needs' dogs, & offer discounts for multiple dogs & extended stays.

Thank you for considering choosing us to care for your precious pup(s).
Hannah & Angela <><

"Once a Hannah's Happy Hound Stay & Play Pup, Always a Hannah's Happy Hound Stay & Play Pup!"

About Angela H.:

Hannah's Happy Hounds Offers a $20 Discount Off of Your Furry Friend's 1st Stay At Our Loving Home W/ a Large, Fenced Yard. Just book with Hannah's Happy Hounds through ROVER.COM, however contact me for the discount code prior to paying!

Our home is completely dedicated to lovingly caring for your beloved fur baby. We have a beautifully maintained 1,500 Sq. Ft. house, that your furry friend will have the complete run of, along with a 3,000 Sq. Ft. fully fenced back yard, that is open for play & potty breaks approx. 15 hours per day.

No dog is ever put outside of a closed door at our home! When we have a guest pup, we arrange our entire schedule around that commitment. As a writer, I work from home, however even that is set aside, as much as possible, when we are caring for your pup.

Our goal is to replicate as closely as possible your furry friend's normal routine, and unto that end, I will send you a questionnaire to complete, that I will go over with you, since the more information you can provide us with, the better able we will be to make your pup's stay with us a great experience.

Our 'frequent stay & play pups' get excited when they see where they are going, & run up our walkway! They know they will be loved on, played with, and sent home groomed & pampered by my daughter, Hannah, our resident dog whisperer!
Hannah is interning as a ranch hand & horse trainer, and has an innate ability to connect very quickly with dogs & horses of all types.

I worked 2 years as an assistant veterinarian, and am in the process of obtaining my certification to become licensed in NV. I also have extensive experience training all breeds of dogs, both for family pets & for service dogs.

Our host dog Jasper is a Yellow Lab, who welcomes all new friends with 'open paws.' He has never met a dog he hasn't liked, and is in the process of becoming a certified therapy dog.

Meet & greets are always a great option whenever possible. We ask you to budget up to an hour for our initial meeting, and welcome you to drop your furry friend off for a couple of hour play date, free of charge, after our meet & greet.

There is never a charge for a 2 hour play date here at Hannah's Happy Hounds, based on availability.

Thank you for considering our home as your furry friend's home away from home.

"Once a Hannah's Happy Hounds Stay & Play Pup, Always a Hannah's Happy Hounds Stay & Play Pup!"

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

Hannah's Happy Hounds is made up entirely of life long dog lovers, who have extensive experience with many different breeds, both of our own, and those we have sat, groomed & trained.

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

All breeds are welcome at Hannah's Happy Hounds, however we require their current rabies tag to be on their collar, & prefer to know your vet of choice. I have a 13-year-old-daughter, who has an innate ability to bond with just about every animal she meets, especially horses & dogs. Your furry friend would rarely, if ever, be without someone to love on him/her.
We welcome meet & greets, and have a questionnaire that will need to be completed prior to any sit, even a complimentary play date.

Do you have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?

Yes, I have a very reliable, fully insured car, and am home most of the day, due to being a free-lance writer. Unless you specify otherwise, emergencies would be cared for at the Ann Road Animal Hospital, which is 5 minutes from my home.

Are you comfortable administering medication?

Yes, having worked 2 years as a veterinary assistant I have experience in caring for a wide range of emergencies, & am comfortable caring for any special needs your dog may have.

How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

I work from home, so your dog would very rarely if ever be alone. My daughter & I devote ourselves to ensuring you return to pick up your fur baby, and find him/her to be happy, healthy & looking & smelling as though they had been to a boutique doggie spa.

If you have a backyard, please describe it.

My back yard is approx. 3,000 Sq. Ft., and is fully fenced. I also have a large, professionally installed, outdoor kennel, which is approx. 6 x 8 ft, should you have a dog who is used to being kenneled, or enjoys his 'private area.' As long as your dog plays well with others, he/she is certainly going to be spending most of the time in our home, with free access to the backyard.

Where will my dog sleep?

Here at Hannah's Happy Hounds it is our goal to follow your dog's normal routine as much as we possibly can. You will need to write out his/her feeding, sleeping & playing schedule, & we will adhere to your instructions. Please bring anything that will make your dog feel as comfortable as possible, such as bedding, etc. We will also need a leash for walks, and a harness if you usually use one. If your dog sleeps on your bed, they will sleep on our beds. We strive to replicate your pups normal routine as closely as we possibly can.

Where will you take my dog on walks? Tell me about it.

The 170 acre Craig Ranch Regional Park is located at the N/E corner of Craig Rd. & Commerce St., approx. 5 minutes from the home of Hannah's Happy Hounds. This lovely new park has a beautifully situated dog run & dog park, near the main meadowlands, a great distance from the skate park, so it is very peaceful. We are also surrounded by several other parks, many of which have dog parks included. Hannah's Happy Hounds also frequent the Aliante Nature Discovery Park, however we are certainly willing to take your dog to his/her favorite park, within reason. If your pup has a regular park day that falls within his/her stay here at Hannah's Happy Hounds, we will make every effort to keep that play date/time.

Additional Information
Location: North Las Vegas, NV 89031
Children at location?: No
Num. of Spaces: 4
Cancellation Policy: Moderate
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Age: 3 years, 6 mo. old
Weight: 110 lbs.
Breed: Labrador Retriever

Jasper is the typical, happy-go-lucky yellow lab. He loves everyone, and thinks any new dog is just a new friend.
He is extremely well trained & very obedient.
He is trained well beyond the basic commands, and I am certain we are no where near his capacity to learn much, much more.
As I write this, Jasper is laying next to his bed, so our current guest, a chocolate lab, may use the bed. Isn't he a wonderful host?

June 25
Angela and Hannah are totally amazing! I felt so confident leaving my dog Sammy with them after meeting up. The level of professionalism, competence and overwhelming calmness shown by them just won me and my dog over completely! Their lovely dog, Jasper was adorable with the same calm demeanor. I received lots of photos and updates which convinced me they actually knew my dog's personality and gave him so much love and attention. I returned home after my vacation with a settled and calm little dog who had obviously had a great time. I would have no hesitation booking with them again and highly recommend. Angela really should be one of's top sitters! She is someone that really cares. (Collapse)
June 20
This stay with Angela and Hannah was very uneventful. The dogs were glad to see us but did not show the anxiety they had shown when left with other sitter. We would recommend this service to anyone who asks.
This is an extension of the 1/2 - 1/3 stay. Angela let me extend it for two more days.
See review for 2/9 - 2/10. Angela let me extend the stay by an additional day.
My Pomeranians stayed with Hannah for two nights while my husband and I took a weekend trip. Everything went smoothly with pick-up/drop-off, meeting Hannah for an initial interview before booking our stay with her, etc. My dogs came back happy and tired (from playing with the other dogs all weekend). I would recommend this dog-sitter to anyone who wants their dogs to stay in a friendly, safe and cage-free environment! :)
It was easy to tell both dogs enjoyed their stay. They were not as stressed as they normally are when we are away and they did not miss a beat on their schedule. We would certainly recommend Hannah's Happy Hounds to family and friends.
We were very pleased with the service from Hannah's. We left our 4 month old puppy with them for a month while we went to NYC. They sent us photos every couple of days showing our puppy playing and enjoying herself. The kindness they showed was way beyond what we expected from a dog sitting service. Angela and her daughter a very caring people with very big hearts. They understood that not only is the separation hard for the animal but also stressful for the owner. They took her to our house to play in the garden and too keep her scent present on the property. They took her to the vet to get her shots. We now consider Hannah and Angels friends as well as dog sitters and will continue to use their service in the future. We feel blessed to have found them. Thanks Rover and thanks Hannah's Happy Hounds, regards, Steve Judkins (Collapse)
Hannah's Happy Hounds did such a great job with our pup during his stay! Very knowledgeable about dogs and behavior, they knew how to handle our very energetic boy. To top it off, they graciously watched him without a meet and greet beforehand since we are from out of town. A big thanks for taking such great care of Ruger! Highly recommended. If we are ever passing through Vegas again and need a place for Ruger to stay, they will definitely be our first call. (Collapse)
Hannah & Angela always take such great care of our little guys...they love going there and we feel completely at ease while we're away. Thank you!
Excellent care and always! Thanks Hannah and Angela and Jasper!
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Bianca 1. October 26
Angela is a true lover of dogs. She takes great pride in her own dogs as well as, how she says it, her "grand puppies." Great care will be given to your furry family member when Angela is around! My dog goes nuts when she sees her!!
Tricia G. October 28
I have seen Angela with her late and beloved Dakota she was great with her. Kind and gentle giving lots of attention. When Angela comes to our house our little dog Mork loves the attention and love that Angela gives to him. She is a pet lover indeed. She also has a huge back yard - great for dogs!! Sincerely, Tricia Gann :)
Antonia B. October 30
Angela is definitely what I would call a "dog lover"! She was totally commited to her boxer, Simba who she had for years until her passing. Simba was right by her side all the time. She now has Jasper, who came to Angela's family earlier this year. They are very attached to one another already, and you could tell as soon as Jasper came to the home that he would be a member of the family. She also is blessed to have a very nice sized yard in order for the dogs to run and play. She is always open to having other dogs over to play and visit. She interacts well with dogs at other peoples' homes all the time. (Collapse)
Maverick's O. October 30
The dogs will have a blast in the large backyard and I like that there is a separate kennel in the back of the yard for a dog that may not get along with others so well. The household dog Jasper is a quintessential yellow lab, always happy and looking to make new friends. Highly recommended!
Caroline K. November 8
Angela has a huge heart not only for people but for animals as well. She will treat you beloved K9 as it is a part of her own family.
Charlies D. November 8
Angela and her daughter Hannah are amazing with dogs and animals of all kinds. My chocolate lab puppy and my carrin terrior love the extra attention they give them. And Jasper their yellow lab is one of the nicest friendliest dogs I have ever met he put up with all sorts of crazy puppy antics from Charlie and never gave any sign of frustration. They have a huge backyard that even has a large dog run/ kennel. I will suggest Angela to any of my friends needing a place for their pups when they are on vacay! (Collapse)
Jessica H. January 4
We went to Angela H's house to drop off our dog Luke for a 4 day stay. She has a beautiful clean house, with a roomy back yard for playing. Angela was warm and friendly from the first email to the last goodbye picking up our dog. She communicates quickly and sincerely through phone calls, emails and text messages. Also, she wrote down every detail about our dog's habits and likes to make his stay enjoyable. Her daughter brushed and pampered our dog through out the visit, so much that I've never felt his coat or fur feel softer! I felt like we left him at a doggy spa for the part of the week! This was an incredible deal for the piece of mind that was offered. We will definitely use Angela again whenever we travel with our furry family to Vegas. Luke, our chocolate lab, definitely misses her and her family, house, and lovable dog, Jasper. (Collapse)
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