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$45 per night
90% response rate Sitter responds to most requests
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My place is a safe, fun area that dogs can truly call their own "home away from home". My back door opens onto a giant enclosed patio and I am literally 20 feet away from the dog park. There are no kennels and the dogs sleep wherever they like; on the bed, on the floor, on the couch or all three! I walk other dogs through-out the day and I usually walk many dogs together as a pack. This creates balance, structure and healthy social inter-action between all dogs and allows for each dog to get the maximum amount of stimulation and socialization. I am in a prime location for access to parks, pleasant walking routes and lots of friendly dogs and people for your dog to inter-act with so trust me when I say that your dog will be happy when he/she spends time with me. My apartment is clean, cozy and dog-safe, with lots of toys and bones. With me, when we are at the apartment your dog will always have fresh air and the option of being indoors or outdoors.

About Andrew B.:

My apartment is clean and dog friendly/safe with bones & toys. My back door opens onto a giant enclosed patio and I am literally 20 feet away from the dog park. There are no kennels and the dogs sleep wherever they like; on the bed, on the floor, on the couch or all three!

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

Since I was born, maybe before that, lol... I was raised in a big house with a Shepherd & Cattle Dog mix named Schivous. He was the first of many dogs that I lived with & shared my life with. I have always had a natural affinity for all animals, especially dogs. One time when I was about 12 years old I was taking a bus from school to my Aikido class when I saw a Shepherd mix dog darting in & out off traffic lanes. I immediately pulled for the next stop & jumped off the bus in a hurry; running to where I last saw the dog. There he was; emaciated, mangy, dirty & emotionally distraught (wouldn't you be?). I called him out of traffic & he actually responded enough for me to get him into the enclosed parking lot for Bank of America right off the busy street he was just in the middle of. I ran two blocks down to McDonalds & used my last five dollars to purchase a bag full of hamburgers & returned to the parking lot to feed the dog. He followed me with the bag to sit down at a curb & I proceeded to feed him one burger after another which he sucked down effortlessly. I sat with him & called my mother in tears from a pay phone begging her to pick me up with the dog so that I could take him home & take care of him. My mother said no for the right reasons & told me to be proud of myself for doing more than what most people would do. She called animal control so the dog could be taken off the streets & hope-fully find a loving home at some point. I sobbed and cried all night then but now I understand why my mom said "no". That dog needed professional medical attention & there was no way I could help him as much as he needed. That's my sad but happy dog story... the one that comes to mind first anyways. When I was about 15 years old I started volunteering at the Olympia/Lacey animal shelter & have worked at 2 Downtown dog lounge locations, Wags 2 Whiskers dog daycare & Fetch dog daycare before attending the Seattle school of canine studies & starting my own business as a dog-walker, where I am committed to consistent loving & reliable daily care for any & every dog. Please feel free to ask me anything.

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

I only really need to know about the dog's specific behavioral quirks or issues (if there are any) or if he has any medical conditions or food allergies/dietary restrictions. Other than that I will learn by observation. Chances are; your pooch will act at least a little different when you are not around. New environments & experiences change the behavior & this is a good & healthy aspect of your dog taking a break from you & vice versa. As for breed preferences... are you kidding? That's what I call discrimination & it's not acceptable for people or dogs. Any breed of dog can be aggressive or loving & that is mainly the parent's of the dog, the owner & the environment the dog is raised in.

Do you have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?

Not at the moment.

Are you comfortable administering medication?


How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

Almost all of it.

If you have a backyard, please describe it.

My back-yard is a nice size dog park. My back door opens up onto a nice big enclosed & safe patio with stairs that lead almost directly to the dog park. This particular dog park is in such an area where there is always a rotating variety of friendly, social & playful dogs of all different sizes & breeds. This is really important not just for daily stimulation & off-leash exercise but also to maintain healthy social behavior.

Where will my dog sleep?

Any-where he or she chooses. There is a comfortable Suede couch with blankets & pillows, a soft hassock-style round chair, the floor or my futon bed which is at ground level so dogs can sleep on it with ease. All dogs are a little different & each one has a particular preference for the area(s) he or she sleeps in so I let them decide for them-selves. My style is to be casual & comfortable so the dog feels more like he's at home or at a friend's house then at a sterile kennel with cold metal sleeping areas. My true intention for every dog that stays with me is to provide a safe, loving & anxiety free home for them while their parents are away. My dogs & clients speak for how happy dogs are in my presence.

Where will you take my dog on walks? Tell me about it.

Depending on the amount of time & what the weather permits, I go as far as Mt. Baker & National forests. Most of the time how-ever my regular spots to take dogs are Regrade dog-park, Myrtle Edwards sculpture park, Trolley-hill park, Kinnear park, & the Arboretum dog park.

Additional Information
Location: Seattle, WA 98121
Children at location?: No
Num. of Spaces: 3
Cancellation Policy: Moderate
Acceptable Dog Sizes:
  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (15 - 40lbs)
  • Large (40 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (100lbs and above)

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Gira and Name

Age: 11 years, 7 mo. old
Weight: 70 lbs.
Breed: Chow Chow & German Shepherd Dog

I rescued my 2 Chow/Shepherd mix dogs when they were about 3 months old and have raised them like my own 2 children. They are a big part of my daily life as well as the daily live's of many of the animals I care for. They love to run in out-door areas and get in touch with their "pack nature" by hunting, exploring and running with other dogs. They live with 2 cats and have been integral in my training under-socialized dogs.


April 17
I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a dog sitter. No matter the size he knows how to deal with each of their behaviors and make it a fun environment for them all. Maci came home exhausted and smelly from the water so she clearly had a good time! Andrew is a very personable guy so it made for a great overall stay for my 4 month old black lab.
March 31
Seems like Axel had a good time with Andy. He was a tired dog for a few days after his stay! Andy always has a lot of dogs around, so if your dog likes to hang with a pack, this is the spot!
March 26
Andrew came through for us on short notice and took good care of our dog, who came home happy and exhausted!
March 17
...then book Andrew to look after your pooch for your next Rover stay. I'm so thankful to have Andrew and his faithful pack in my dog Zadie's life, and in mine. This is one of those reviews I'd almost rather not write because Andrew is an absolute gem. Zadie's immediately at home with him, loves being part of the pack, and always returns happy and relaxed.
Rufus's first stay with Andrew went really well! He was happy and tired from all of the play when we picked him up. Andrew really knows dogs well, and was very flexible and quick to respond. We'll definitely have Andrew watch Rufus again.
February 24
This was great fun for my 2 shelties. I usually stress a lot over their overnight stays, but Andrew B. reassured me from the very beginning. I instantly could tell that Andy was competent and that they liked him. I observed how good he was with both of my dogs -- each of them with very different personalities. I would definitely use Andy B. again. He's the best! 10 out of 10
February 24
We left our 9-month old puppy with Andrew overnight, which, being somewhat obsessive puppy-parents was a big deal for us. I'm happy to say that seeing Andrew with my dog, and his other dogs, I felt totally comfortable that he would look after our puppy like his own. By which I mean he will pay close attention to him, guide him, love him, and genuinely care about him. Leaving our dog with Andrew was really everything we could hope for! (Collapse)
February 5
Andrew was great. He met me really last minute to puppysit my havanese for 3 days. He was willing to work around my schedule and took good care of my girl while I was out of town. While I was away, it got cold so he went all the way over to my place to pick up a vest for her. I appreciate that he went out of his way to go the extra mile so she wouldn't be cold. He responded to my questions about how she was doing right away. He's really a good guy. (Collapse)
February 4
My dog Charlie's stay with Andy was great for me, stress free cause I knew Charlie was getting tons of walking and playing and dog-time. It must have been great for Charlie too cause he's more excited to see Andy than anyone else, we went to the dog park and Charlie hopped right into Andy's lap and stayed there! Andy cares about the dog's he's with, whether they're getting enough to eat, getting enough playtime, not getting in too much trouble. Very nice guy to work with, makes room for your schedule. My dog will be staying with him again any time I'm out of town. (Collapse)
January 1
Andy took great care of our little dog over Christmas. He kept in touch while we were out of town and made sure we knew how she was doing. We came back to a healthy, happy dog. Thanks Andy!
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Elizabeth L. October 11
Andy is fantastic! If you are reading this, you are lucky to have found him. We were referred to Andy by our landlord when we moved to Seattle this May. It is always stressful to be in a new city and I had lots of travel for work right away. Andy immediately made us feel comfortable and like our dogs would be part of his family when they are with him. The best thing about Andy, he LOVES our dogs. They are excited when he comes to pick them up and they always come back exhausted in the best possible way, like we had so much fun! Our dogs are seniors and they have some special needs including medicine and special food. Andy takes it on with no problem. We hate to share Andy but really he is such an excellent dog sitter, we can't keep him just to ourselves. (Collapse)
Alfi D. October 16
We had met Andy before at one of his frequent spots with his dogs Regrade park. Andy is a dog whisperer of sorts and just seems to have a natural love and connection with all animals. Our Rob instantly had a perfect connection with Kira and Name (Andy's wonderful dogs), and with Andy of course. So when my wife and I had a family emergency and had found out we had to leave town the next day on a flight, we contacted Andy. He did not hesitate to accommodate our needs even though it was last minute and we were going to be gone for two weeks. Rob stayed with Andy for those two weeks, and he even did us a great favor without us asking, by sending us daily updates of how Rob was doing and even pictures of him having fun at all the different dog parks Andy frequents on a daily basis. I think at this point Rob has been to more dog parks in Seattle than my wife and I have. After the two weeks we picked Rob up and he was almost like a different dog. He was extremely happy and due to all the dog exposure was a lot better socially adept. Now we still frequent Regrade park and see Andy there all the time and I instantly get to see the connection that my dog and his pack developed over that time, I think my dog is at times happier to see Andy than me :). I highly recommend Andy, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this review. (Collapse)
Cristina N. October 17
Initially, I was nervous about leaving my dog with someone I wasn't related to or very close with. I have seen the way Andrew interacts with the neighborhood dogs and I noticed how connected he is to these pooches. He is genuine, down to earth, and won't take advantage when it comes to pricing. I am glad to say my dog loved being around Andrew's dogs and seemed a lot more relaxed when I came home from a week long trip. I gave him very little notice and he didn't make a big deal out of it. I highly recommend Andrew for all of your dog training and sitting needs, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Andrew! -Cristina and Juliet (Collapse)
Jeff R. October 30
Andy has not only helped me with my dog's behavior problems but has helped me learn how to interact with my dog more properly. He lives and breathes dogs. There is not another person in the area that I would trust taking care of my pooch.
Deborah C. October 30
Andrew first started walking my dog, Shadow, for me six years ago. Whenever Shadow is with Andrew I know he's in excellent hands and is having a great time. Andew is experienced, knowledgable, and super dog friendly. I personally have never seen another dog walker with such a playful attitude! I would highly recommend Andy's Dog Buddies service. Please feel free to call me anytime.
Sean H. October 31
Upon moving to downtown Seattle a few years ago I started asking folks in the neighborhood about private care and dog walking for my shiba inu. At every stop I was referred to Andrew. He seemed like the obvious choice and in hindsight, the best choice. His connection with all breeds and genuine love of dogs is equally paired with his knowledge and credentials. Once again, the best choice in the area!
Veronica N. November 14
Andy is great! He is the nicest guy, really cares of the dogs and I always know my puppy is in good hands with him.
Bliss D. November 23
We really want all of you to know that Andy has been a great dog walker/sitter. He has been very responsible, connects with fact our dog, Kevin, when at the dog park, runs to the fence and looks up waiting to see if Andy will appear. He has been with Kevin since he was a puppy, (now 4 years old) and have total trust in him when Kevin is with him. We have had no doubts about giving him the key to our place and he has shown total respect. We have needed him to take Kevin for a length of time and he has always been available even if it meant taking him to family during the holidays. Kevin has gone to more parks than we have and if and when we take him to Magneson Park, he recognizes it as we are driving there and knows exactly the direction thanks to Andy. Andy is the kind of dog walker, that one wants to feel your dog is getting exercised and is safe. Try him out :) (Collapse)
tiffany d. December 1
Andy is truly half man and half dog and loves dogs in a way that is rare and special. I have used him for both boarding and walking. And can truly say that since working with him, my yorkie-poo Jake is a better walker and much better behaved. Jake loves both Andy and his three other dogs. And honestly looks forward to his walk with Andy every day. Andy takes the time to not just make All that combined with the close proximity of Andy's apartment to the Regrade dog park (it is literally in his backyard) make him a great choice for walking or boarding. (Collapse)
Rich F. February 16
Andy is fantastic and my beagle Josie absolutely loves him. He is incredible with dogs and knows a lot about them. He took great care of her and I feel very comfortable knowing she is in great hands when staying with Andy. His location right next to the dog park is super as well.
Amy Z. April 2
Andy has been walking my cattle dog mix for the past few months now, and he's been absolutely great! She seems to adore him, and absolutely goes nuts every time she sees him. His walks have given her a lot more confidence with interacting with strange people and dogs, and she's much better behaved as a result. I definitely trust him as a walker and a boarder, and know that he always has my dog's best interests in mind. (Collapse)
William C. April 3
Andy has been great with my dog Lex. Lex is always happy to see him, and always comes back worn out from lots of doggy playtime. I also love that Andy walks many other dogs - meaning that Lex gets great socialization in addition to playtime. Lex highly recommends him.
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