Seattle vs. San Francisco: Which is the Most Dog Friendly City

Seattle versus San Francisco - which is the most dog friendly city?
These lush, techie towns boast high rankings as two of the most dog friendly cities in the nation. Indeed, both Seattle and San Francisco are home to more pet parents than, well, people parents. But for all that these canine crazy cities have in common, which coastal wonderland wins best in show for dog lovers?

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Seattle’s Dog Days of Summer Pool Party

Dog Days of Summer pool party
Photo by Chona Kasinger

Though summer is drawing to a close, it certainly doesn’t mean the fun is over for everyone. The Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club, tucked away in West Seattle, hosts an annual dog friendly pool party at the end of every swim season to raise money for its swim teams and give our furry friends a chance to enjoy the finer things in life. I brought my trusty sidekick Brooklyn along for a couple laps and surprise surprise—hilarity ensued. Read on for a sneak peek of a day in the life of a doggie pool party, Seattle-style.
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You Know You’re a Seattle Pet Parent When…

Seattle ferry dog
Flickr/David Conger

Seattle: City of coffee, rain, and…dogs? Pretty much. According to the last census, Seattle is home to more dogs than kids (and climbing!), and let’s be honest: If you have a dog, you probably count your dog as a kid, too. Thankfully, Seattle is known for being one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. If you’re a pet parent living in the Emerald City, there’s a good chance you’ll identify with a thing or two (or eight) on this list. Have a sign to add? Sound off in the comments below! Continue reading


8 Great Tips for Rainy Day Dogs

Dog shaking off - rainy day dogs

Real talk: There’s no getting around the climate in Seattle—beyond our glorious summers, it’s seven kinds of wet here most of the year. But the show must go on—sleeping dogs can’t lie forever. Unless you find eau de soggy doggy an appealing scent or muddy paw prints an artful addition to the living room floor, here are eight ways to combat the rainy day blues with your furry friends in tow.

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Summer Dog Comfy

Dog with his tongue hanging out - summer dog tips
Flickr/Toshihiro Gamo

Make the most of the remaining Seattle sunshine this season, and use these tips to keep your dog comfy, cool, healthy, and happy when the temperatures continue to climb.

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