The Inside Scoop on Rover Dog Sitting, Boston-Style

Rover dog sitting - Boston dog sittersRachel and Elena are roommates and Rover sitters in Boston’s North End. Together, this dog loving duo ranks among the city’s top sitters.

They were introduced to Rover in the summer of 2013 and have been active sitters ever since. My interview with them delves into what it takes to be a top sitter and how to fit Rover into your life, even with a full time job.



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A day out in dog-friendly Boston

This weekend, spend a day out and about in Boston without leaving your dog at home. I’ve taken the liberty of planning an entire day—from breakfast to happy hour—so you and your dog can go out on the town together. Explore dog-friendly Boston in style!

Read on to learn how to go out in Boston without leaving your dog behind…



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The Dogs on the Bus go Round and Round: Seattle’s Dog Friendly Metro System

Hey Seattle-ites! We’ve always had plenty of reasons to love Seattle – especially when the sun comes out over the weekend – but now we’ve got one more. Did you know that a leashed dog can ride on the King Country Metro system? Well, they can! Large, leashed pups pay the same fare as their owners and must sit on the floor (they can’t take up a seat). Smaller dogs and service dogs are free.

Before we went too far touting Seattle’s dog friendly-ness though, we decided to do some research. Is Seattle leading the way in dog-accessible services or simply following a trend?

We’re pleased to announce that Seattle’s policy of allowing large dogs the same privelages, for a price, as their human counterparts, is trailblazing compared to other cities. Allowing small dogs to sit on their buddies laps and ride free is just another example of pooch-power. Seattle, it seems, is more of a dog haven than we ever knew.

Do you know of more dog-friendly cities? What are their city transport rules?